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Studying English to help me in my job as a nurse

20 Jul, 2016
Studying English to help me in my job as a nurse

We recently spoke to Kings Boston student Euna Kim, from South Korea, about her experience on the Intensive Course and her reasons for improving her English. She works as a nurse in her home country and wanted to improve her English skills in order to converse more easily with foreign patients in a common language.

How long have you been at Kings and what course are you taking?
I’ve been at Kings around six months, and I’m taking the Intensive course. I have two morning classes, which are English skills and English structure, and one afternoon class, the Special Interest Group (SIG) class. I’ve taken Conversation class Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Writing class Ⅱ for my SIG class.

What are you enjoying most about at Kings?
Meeting new friends from diverse countries is the most exciting experience. In every week and every class, I meet new friends and share each culture. The thing I enjoy most is “Kings Activities.” When I was new in Boston, Kings activities helped a lot to get used to Boston.

What made you choose Kings over another language school?
My agent introduced several language schools, and I chose Kings. That’s because Kings has a beautiful campus with Pine Manor College, and facilities are offered such as a dorm, a shuttle bus and a cafeteria. The curriculum was impressive.

"I felt Kings would take care of me, and it does!"

Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have specific plans which require English skills?
I’m a nurse in my country and used to meet many foreign patients speaking English. Every time I was in charge of them, I had a trouble with English. Even though I could understand what they said, I couldn’t say what I wanted at all. It depressed me, that’s why I’m here!

Had you been to Boston before? What do you like about this city?
I had never been to Boston, and Boston is my first city in America to visit. Boston has a classical atmosphere that I love. I can find New England of former Boston throughout this city. Furthermore, there are many universities and students come from other countries, so they are very kind and friendly. Most of all, Boston is a really safe city. That is my favorite thing.

Where are you staying here? Do you like it?
I’m staying with my Asian friends because we have similar lifestyle and eating habits. We share a kitchen and a bathroom but not bedrooms. We sometimes invite friends and throw a small party. Even though we are all Asians, our languages are totally different, so we use English in a house.

Have you done any activities or excursions here, and if so, what has been the highlight?
The Pride parade! It was such an awesome parade! Frankly speaking, LGBT was unfamiliar to me, and I had never experienced that kind of parade before. However, the parade made me absolutely change my mind. They didn’t mind whether I was LGBT or not. They just enjoyed themselves and showed that people are the same and fair to love. I’ll never forget it!

What SIG are you taking and why?
I’m taking Conversation Ⅱ class for SIG. It has been really helping me to improve my English speaking. Most Koreans’ problem is to speak English, not grammar. I was also terrible at speaking English. When I met a person who speaks English well, I was literally frozen. I felt as if nothing was in my head and my tongue was paralyzed. However, I’m getting better! My class mates and I discuss many topics and deal with ongoing issues as well. It’s very helpful. I’m not a coward anymore!