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Studying English and Art in Oxford and London | 牛津倫敦雙城遊學

03 Jul, 2019
Studying English and Art in Oxford and London | 牛津倫敦雙城遊學

Szu Hsuan Chen (Heidi), from Taiwan, is studying English Plus Art and Design at Kings London, following several months at Kings Oxford.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Szu Hsuan Chen and I'm 24 years old. My English name is Heidi — I chose my nickname with the help of my friend when I was at university.

What course are you taking?

I am doing English Plus Art and Design. I decided to stay 8 months at first, but now I have decided to stay longer and will study for 2 more months.

What are your lessons like?

I studied in Oxford before and I moved to London. I think London is quite fun! We do games, and sometimes we watch movies. My afternoon art classes — I don't have experience of studying Art in Oxford, but I chose it here because my university major is Fine Art. I think they are useful, David is very good. I am working with watercolours, and there are many books that can help me.

Why did you decide to take this course? What was your motivation for coming to Oxford and then to London?

I stayed in Oxford for a long time, about 7 months, but I wanted to change to a new place and have another experience. I want to study at master's degree in the UK so I want to know about London. I will do a master's in art, but I haven’t decided which subject yet.

Why did you choose Oxford?

My agency recommended Oxford because you can improve your English really fast. It was correct — I did improve my English really fast. Afterwards I met a friend who came from Kings London and he recommended me to change to the London campus. I am enjoying it so far!

Where are you staying?

I am staying in a student house. I really like my housemates. They are all from different countries, Italy, Brazil, China, and Korea. It's a really fun house.

What do you think about the school facilities?

I think it's quite good, because here we have many classrooms to use, and at the other building there is a garden which I really like! When the weather is good I sometimes go drawing out there.

Have you discovered any good places to shop, eat or explore?

When I live in London I have visited some museums and art galleries. I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the British Museum, and I really want to go to the Tate Modern. I bring my notebook to the museums and have been doing some drawings. I went to the British Museum with my friend and learnt about the other countries' culture.

Was this the first time that you have come to the UK?

Yes it was my first time.

Was it what you expected?

I was surprised by England’s weather! It is really, really strange! Sometimes in the morning it was a sunny day but in the afternoon it was a rainy day. It is easy to catch a cold. I think that the British people are really polite to everyone.

Would you recommend London as a destination to other students?

Yes, I think if you want to get more experience in your life you should come to London because you can make many friends and learn from many different countries.







在倫敦校區之前,我在牛津校區就讀。倫敦校區教學活潑,上午我們透過遊戲,觀賞電影學習英語。下午是藝術設計課程 — 我在牛津校區時,下午沒有選修藝術設計課程,現在選修藝術設計課程是因為我大學是念美術系,David是一位非常棒的美術老師,我目前的創作以水彩作品為主,學校也有相關書籍可以借閱參考。




我的遊學代辦顧問推薦牛津,因為在這裡你可以快速精進英語能力。她說得沒錯 — 我的確英語進步神速。之後有一位剛從倫敦校區過來的朋友,他非常推薦我去倫敦校區。轉校後我非常滿意倫敦校區的生活!


我住在學生公寓,我非常喜歡我的樓友們,他們都來自於不同的國家 – 義大利,巴西,中國和韓國。大家共同生活在這棟公寓裡,相處十分融洽。


學校設備非常完善,有許多教室可以使用,還有一個綠意盎然的後院! 天氣好的時候,有時我會去哪裡畫畫。






英國天氣讓我印象深刻,它非常非常善變! 有時上午是晴天,到了下午變雨天,這樣的天氣轉變很容易感冒啊。英國人待人彬彬有禮是真的。