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Studying Economics and Politics at the University of Leeds

01 Feb, 2019
Studying Economics and Politics at the University of Leeds

Youn Ju Cho (Frankie) from South Korea completed the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Oxford in 2017, before starting her degree at the University of Leeds.

She tells us about her university experience in Leeds so far.

Hi Youn Ju. What degree course are you studying here at Leeds?
I'm currently studying Economics and Politics.

What are some of the highlights of your time here so far?
There has been a lot of chance for me to socialise with people from different countries because there are a lot of international students here and global fairs and stuff. I was also in an international dorm so I got to socialise with a lot of different people from different countries.

Are you pleased that you chose this university?
Yes, definitely. It's a member of the Russell Group and I thought it was a good idea.

Why did you decide to do your degree at a UK university?
I thought by studying in England there would be a much greater chance for me to gain a broad experience, rather than just staying in Korea. Also in Korea it would be more focussed on American modules in Economics and Politics, rather than Europe and the western world.

What did you enjoy most about your course Kings?
Most of the courses were in really small classes so I wasn't afraid to ask questions during the course. In big classes you are afraid that you might interrupt other people. The teachers were really enthusiastic teaching students so I got a lot of help from Kings.

How is university most different to Kings?
In uni you have to figure out everything by yourself which could be frustrating, but there are always staff that will help you out. If you have a problem with your studies you just go to the department and there's always staff who can give you helpful advice.

How do you like Leeds and how does it differ to Oxford?
Leeds is a much bigger city than Oxford. It has lots of entertainment, shopping, and socialising going on. There are also lots of young uni students who can understand you more. Being honest, it’s also quite a lot colder up here than in Oxford!

What do you hope to do after you graduate?
Since I'm studying Economics and Politics, I'm trying to figure out which area I’m more interested in. Currently I've applied for financial banking areas for 10 week internships, but looking further ahead I might join the government statistics research areas or areas more about social policy. I'm still figuring it out with the careers fairs held in our university.