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Studying Communication in Boston

16 Dec, 2019
Studying Communication in Boston

Wenyue Zhang is a sophomore at Pine Manor College.She is a communication major and was selected to be this semester’s Kings Progression Social Media Ambassador.

One of her responsibilities is sharing the experiences of Kings Premium Universities students on social media.

Where are you from and what is your major?

I am from Beijing, China and I am a communication major. I want to have a concentration in Public Relations.

Why did you choose communication to be your major?

I think I am bad at logical stuff, so I didn’t think business was for me. I also like to talk to people and ask questions. I love social media and know that there are people who can make money from it. I chose communication because I get along well with everyone and being comfortable when talking to different people will help me. I know I will have to do interviews and other creative projects, so I think I will be very good at it.

What is it like being the Social Media Ambassador for Kings?

It is really fun because I have to record my daily life on campus. I pay attention to every day and really notice what fun things happen to me. It also gives me the chance to talk to people I probably wouldn’t have spoken to before. It is also exciting to see what other Kings students at other locations are doing.

What do you like best about Pine Manor College?

The best part about Pine Manor is the small-scale environment.It is very helpful when learning English because you have a better chance to speak to your professors, and they will always try to help you improve.For example, my academic advisor, Professor Michele Ramirez, encourages me and notices how I have grown since I started here.She cares about my life and checks in on me.It feels very warm. I also made friends with American students, which I didn’t think I would be able to do because of the differences in language, culture, and personality.But they were so friendly it was easy for me.Pine Manor College is small, but it includes so many different kinds of people -- you would never think that.

Would you encourage other students to come to Kings Boston?

My answer is definitely yes because you will never know, as a freshman in America for the first time, how to deal with living in in this country.Kings is a nice place that teaches you the basic rules of college culture and how to communicate well with others.Kings improved my ability to talk, read, and write English. They give you the foundation to be a good college student and are here to help if you have any questions about Pine Manor that you cannot answer on our own.That is really cool, I think.