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Studying Business at College of Mount Saint Vincent

31 Mar, 2020
Studying Business at College of Mount Saint Vincent

Tell us your name and where you come from.

My name is Haiping Lin. I’m from the Southern part of China, Taishan in the Guangdong province. It’s a coastal city that has a lot of sea food. I often go to the beaches nearby my hometown. I can swim well. It’s a city from which many Chinese immigrants come from in the U.S.

Which Kings school are you studying at and what are you studying?

I am attending the College of Mount Saint Vincent through the Kings Premium Universities program, and my major is Business.

What made you pursue a college degree in America?

My parents are business people. They produce Christmas lights and they have a trade with Walmart. I want to follow my parents’ profession.

Since childhood, it was my dream to go to the U.S. I was very influenced by my ABC (American Born Chinese) friends while I was growing up. I used to meet a lot of them when they came to China for vacation. I also want to challenge myself academically because in China it’s a very passive way of studying. Students skip classes and it’s not really that challenging.

How did you hear about Kings?

From an agent. It’s a really great program because my goal is to attend Rutgers University in New Jersey, so after studying at the King’s partner college, CMSV, for some time I can then easily enter Rutgers university.

Why did you choose to study at CMSV?

I feel like MSV had more opportunities for students. More students, more clubs. Fewer Chinese students, so it accelerates my English language learning, and it’s also closer to New York City.

What courses are you taking?

Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Religious Studies, Calculus II, English 110.

What has been your favorite course so far?

Calculus II. Haha. I think math is quite easy for Chinese students here.

The Principles of Marketing class requires the ability to write essays about case studies. Have you heard about Shark Tank? It’s a TV show. I googled it. They negotiate business problems to come up with effective solutions. Our teacher divided the class into several groups and during the final exam, we have to negotiate with each other about a specific business company.

That sounds really interesting! Good luck! Have you joined any clubs on campus?

I haven’t picked a club to join yet, but I want to join the Pet, Animal, and Wildlife Support (PAWS) club, and the Women’s Studies Club.

Friends? Social life on campus?

I made a friend who is from China. He is also a first semester student here from Kings and I also met another person from my province in China. My roommate is American and she’s very involved on campus.

American students seem very positive. They have internships and work experiences during college years and I feel like they have more and varied life experiences than me. I feel like in the business class, they have more business ideas and always have something to say.

What are your “dream schools” you want to go to in the U.S.?

I have already selected Rutgers University, but NYU would be another dream school. I love the location and I love that they have several blocks of buildings that make up the campus. I think they have lots of internship opportunities and it’s a great school for a career in business.

What are your plans after graduation?

To join a stock market company maybe and then if possible, I want to open a small bakery or a restaurant.

Have there been any difficulties with classes or life in general? What kind of assistance did you get from Kings staff?

Not really a difficulty but at first I thought it was strange that we had to take religious studies. I have just never done that before but now I’m getting used to it.

What support have you received from Kings and your Progression Advisor so far?

We met a few times to talk about my plan and the course I am taking. Just today, we talked about making a resume. My Kings advisor gave me three websites for volunteer opportunities and he advised me to do some volunteering to build my profile and add to my extracurricular activities.

What is your favorite part of living in New York?

I think NY is quite convenient because you can go anywhere by subway.

Is there anything you wish you would’ve prepared before starting school?

There are not that many Asian people on this campus. There are some Filipinos, but not too many other Asians. So at first, during the first month, maybe I’m too sensitive, but sometimes I would feel that people would look/stare in a certain way. It was more of a first impression I had.