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Studying Biology at College of Mount Saint Vincent

20 Mar, 2020
Studying Biology at College of Mount Saint Vincent

Tell us your name and where you are from

I am Jingran Zhang from Qingdao, China. It’s famous for beer. I was born and raised there. We have lots of good seafood. I am now studying at the College of Mount Saint Vincent (CMSV) and this is my first semester.

What made you pursue a college degree in America?

Mostly because I want to know more about other cultures and this is a good place. I can meet different people. I attended a high school in Grand Rapids, Michigan and compared to New York, that was like a small village. I also had many restrictions as an international high school student in Michigan so here I feel very free.

Why did you choose to study at Kings MSV?

At first I wanted to go to Concordia, but then I got an offer from the College of Mount Saint Vincent too so I had to decide quickly so I chose CMSV. I am majoring in biology. I love science, but I’m not very good at biology so I want to study that.

What classes are you taking this semester?

This is my first semester so I am taking some basic courses such as calculus II, Religious Studies, English 110, Principles of Marketing, and History. I will be taking more classes in my major from the fall semester.

What are your “dream schools” you want to go to after CMSV?

It depends on what my major will be. I think which school is not important but it matters to me to get a good education. I am also thinking about computer science so I may change my major.

Have there been any difficulties with classes or life in general?

Sometimes the professors will talk about a tv show, or a restaurant, or a store that I never heard of so that’s a little challenging, but I just google them to learn more.

Have you had any meetings with your Kings Progression Advisor?

Yes. We talked about universities and my PA gave me a list for reference. When I said I wasn’t sure about my major, he gave me a quiz for selecting my major.

Is there anything you wish you would’ve prepared before starting school?

I had been to New York before for fun so I had a general idea of what it is like and I watched a lot of movies so I knew how things work. I think NYC is very convenient and exciting.