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Studying at Fox Cities and starting my own business

06 Jan, 2021
Studying at Fox Cities and starting my own business

Xinzhu, or Prima, is a 3rd semester student at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities. We recently caught up with her to talk about her experience so far and her new business venture.

Hi Prima. What are you studying here at UWO, Fox Cities?

I’m a communication major student and am studying Radio-TV-Film, Biology, Philosophy, Economics and English now.

What made you want to study abroad to pursue your degree?

When I was in middle school, I really liked One Direction (the band) and enjoyed pop music, so I began to study English and wanted to live where they lived. My parents also wanted me to live and study in a relatively free place, so I decided to pursue my degree in the United States.

What are you plans after graduation?

After graduation, I want to work in the TV industry, specifically on variety shows, to bring happiness to people.

Why did you choose to study at Kings at UWO, Fox Cities?

"I chose to study at Kings at UWO, Fox Cities because the geographical environment here is very good. I can study quietly. The teachers at Kings are really kind, and they truly help all students."

What are your favorite classes, why do you like them?

My favorite class is Radio-TV-Film. It’s a really interesting class, which talks about lots of elements in films and TV shooting. Also it’s related to the job I want to pursue after graduation.

What classes do you find most challenging and why?

I find Biology challenging because in Biology, there are lots of academic terms which are really hard for international students to understand. And the labs are complicated, especially if you are studying from abroad, because of the current situation.

Have you decided on your target schools? How are Kings staff guiding you through the process?

"For now, my target school is UW-Madison. I have video meetings with Kings teachers, and they are very good at explaining the transfer process and how to apply. I also had some trouble with my high school transcript but Kayla, my Progression Advisor, helped me contact UW-Madison, and helped me solve the problem."

Which student activity do you enjoy the most?

My favorite activity was the skiing trip. It was my first time skiing because I lived in a city without snow at winter. So, this activity was really interesting and new to me.

What is your favorite part of studying in person versus online?

I can communicate with my classmates and professors better in person. Online courses need us to be more conscientious

What are you doing to build your student profile?

I focus on study and maintain my grades. During the summer vacation, I also did an internship. This experience was very interesting and made me realize how hard it is to make money. I also started my own small business.

Please tell us about the business you currently started!

It’s a small business, and I am doing the things I enjoy. I designed and contacted manufacturers to make goods related to my favorite idols/celebrities. For example, I designed table lamps, small mirrors, fans, key rings, banners, etc., all of which have celebrities printed or painted on them. I started this small business because I wanted to use things on a daily basis that are related to my favorite idols. The reason is because when I use these items with my idols on, it makes me feel happy. So, I thought there must be lots of other fans who have the same wishes as me and I started this business.

Is there anything you wish you had prepared before starting school?

I would suggest that new students check the professor ratings. The website can give you a lot of important information about the professor you want to choose. And you can see the comments of other students who have been in this professor's class before.