Studying Art at UW–Oshkosh Fox Cities

Students wishing to major in Art have a great foundation when studying their first 2 years at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh Fox Cities.

As stated on UW–Oshkosh Fox Cities' website, 'the Art Department prepares students for achievement in their university studies by offering a sound general education art curriculum for their first two academic years. Student who are interested to pursue a degree in art or design complete the foundation program — an array of pre-requisite studio and art history courses; ART 101/102 (Drawing Sequence), ART 111 (2-D Design), ART 112 (3-D Design), ART 216 (Digital Design), ART 181 & 183 (Art History Survey Sequence), and ART 175 (Multicultural Art Appreciation)'.

Taking Art classes at UW–Oshkosh Fox Cities as well as other general required classes (i.e. Math, Science, Humanities, English, etc.) prepares students to transfer to the University of Wisconsin–Madison to pursue a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), BS-Art (Bachelor of Science in Art), or BS-Art Education (Bachelor of Science in Art Education).

Minkyung Kim from South Korea intends to major in Graphic Design at UW–Madison. She has completed her second semester at UW–Fox Valley and is excelling in her art classes. She really enjoys her art professors and values the education she is receiving at UW–Fox Valley.

Minkyung stated,

"I've never taken art classes in the past, but here at UW–Oshkosh Fox Cities the professors use various supplies and teach different skills like drawing and painting. My favorite art classes so far have been Intermediate Drawing and Introduction to Oil Painting".

Minkyung's artwork was showcased in the Spring 2018 UWFV Art Student Show on the college campus. She is excited to continue her studies in art and hopes to build her art portfolio when it comes time to apply for the Art Program at UW–Madison.

"In the future I want to be a designer or illustrator for a gaming company like Blizzard Entertainment in the US".