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Enjoying Japanese anime at the Kings Movie Night

15 Jul, 2023
Enjoying Japanese anime at the Kings Movie Night

Kings student leader Aika, from Japan, reports back on a trip to enjoy a Studio Ghibli animation film with fellow student Sofiia.

On July 12, we (Aika and Sofiia) went to the movie theater to see a typical Japanese animation film.

Studio Ghibli Fest 2023 is currently being held in the US, and many movie theaters are showing famous Ghibli movies of the past. Among them, is " Castle in the Sky," a SF film that was released 35 years ago.

I (Aika) am a big fan of Studio Ghibli, so I have watched this movie many times and know everything about it, but there was a student in the audience this time who was learning about Studio Ghibli for the first time.

Sofiia rarely watches Japanese anime movies, but after seeing this movie for the first time, she said it was very interesting. She was especially impressed by the main characters, who are very cute and brave enough to face any danger. As I love Ghibli movies, I was really happy to hear that.

Since it is a Japanese movie, the audio was in Japanese with English subtitles. It was a little strange for me personally to see a movie with Japanese language audio in an English environment like the US, but it was a good way to learn English, as I realized that "Oh, this phrase is expressed in this way in English!”

I hope more people will know about Studio Ghibli's films and enjoy their unique worldview.

I am very grateful to Kings office for organizing Movie Night Day on this day! The day was really really wonderful!

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