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Staying with a host family in Bournemouth

24 Feb, 2016
Staying with a host family in Bournemouth

GCSE students at Kings Bournemouth Sarah, from Iran, and Crystal, from China, share their experiences of living with a host family. 

I live in a host family that is on Belmont Avenue in Bournemouth. The family are lovely, there is a mother and father and a one year old little boy. They both work, the mother is a teacher in a primary school and the father is a therapist.

It’s not a big house, but its fine for 4 people to live there. Fortunately I have the biggest room! They are very kind, I like to spend a lot of time in my room, but when it’s dinner time we all have dinner together and we talk about what we had done that day. I am lucky as I live with another student from Kings Bournemouth, Leona from China and so we can help each other with things. We walk to school together and are in the same class.

Everything is great and I am happy with my host family.


I have a wonderful host family. I live with a host mother and father, a 5-year old boy and a cute dog! I have my own room which is big and clean.

I could talk about everything with my host parents, they are very kind and can help me solve many problems. I have never felt bored or lonely when I stay with them, because they always chat with me about some interesting things.

When I came to England for the first time, I was very scared but my host parents were very patient. I couldn’t even make a sentence when I first came, but they listened to me carefully and talked to me slowly. They help me to practise English every day and they have had a big effect on my English, I am very thankful to them.

All in all, I am very lucky to live with such a good home stay. I enjoy playing and talking with them, I love every family member in the host family and living here I feel like it is my real home.



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