Staying safe, staying on track

With our new term underway we caught up with some of our students and staff to find out about their experiences of life and learning at Kings.

We continue to support all our students – whether they are in school, needing to self-isolate before joining class, or studying remotely online for the time being.

Kings support: in school

“My experience at Kings has exceeded my expectations. Everything is amazing. The teachers are all great and the students are really friendly. I think that choosing to study here is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I think everyone from Kings is successful in following the rules regarding protection from Coronavirus. I always feel safe at school. The decision to come to the UK to study was definitely a good one.”

Ingrid-Anamaria from Romania
Studying A-levels at Kings

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Sofia“I was looking forward to coming back because I absolutely loved my experience at Kings last year.

“I’m still on track. We understand that A-levels are quite hard and we are working towards it”

Sofiia from Ukraine
Studying in person at Kings


Marc“I would strongly advise anybody who is currently studying online that they should come to the school as soon as possible. If you are thinking of coming to university next year it’s far better to be studying in the UK face to face.”

Marc Benier
Head of Academic Subjects, Kings Brighton


Danny"I am so very proud of all our students and staff! It has been a wonderful experience to welcome students ‘home’, as they return to the college and retake their rightful seats at the table of learning.”

Danny Carroll
Direct of Studies, Kings London


Kings support: self-isolating

Danel“I was in quarantine for two weeks. It was actually quite good because it gave me time to adjust.

“The residence supervisors told me about food delivery and Apple Pay and bank accounts, so that helped. The food was good.”

“Everything’s going great so far. Almost all the people outside are wearing masks."

Danel from Kazakhstan
Self-isolated at Kings before joining class.

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Kings Support: studying online

Vedie“I always join the class live as I feel like I can ask more questions if there’s something I don’t understand.

“The teachers are very supportive… Whenever I have a question and ask a teacher, they’re always willing to help…Last week I had a meeting with my UCAS Counsellor and she helped me to find the universities that are best for my subject.”

Vedie from Indonesia
Currently studying from home in Jakarta

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Danny“Although there has always been a palpable sense of connection and community within our college, there has been something particularly special about knowing that, although many of our students are now spread out all over the world, they are regularly coming together to reconnect and work towards a shared purpose.”

Danny Caroll
Director of Studies, Kings London