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Starting Art Foundation in my home city of London

29 Oct, 2018
Starting Art Foundation in my home city of London

British student Annabelle Greenaway recently began Art and Design Foundation at Kings London. We asked her what she thinks about life at Kings so far, and what she wants to achieve during her course.

Hi Annabelle, where are you from?
I'm from England but I'm half Russian. I lived in Dubai for 4 years, but I've mostly lived in England.

Why did you choose the programme you are studying?
I chose Art Foundation because I like art and I would like to study games design in university and this course could be very useful for me.

Is there one area in particular you are enjoying so far?
All day I have art lessons, and it's very intense. I really like doing drawings of still life, and also just creating my own art work and taking inspiration from different artists to create something relating to a theme as a response for continuation of their work.

How would you describe your experience at Kings London so far?
I'm really enjoying myself here, I really like it at Kings. I've changed colleges and schools quite a few times because I've had trouble speaking with people and making friends, and I think Kings is one of the best places I've been to and I feel really welcome and at home here.

What would you say are the best aspects of the school?
Because it's quite small and there are very few students, the teachers can really focus on each individual person. Also because I can call the teachers by their first names everything feels very personal here and it kind of feels like a big family home.

Have you joined any clubs and societies yet?
I've joined Tennis Club, I do that every Wednesday, but the teacher for the club trusts me with the key so I can also go on other days when the Tennis Club isn't on.

Have you made friends at Kings?
Yes, I've made a lot of friends — in my first week I pretty much made friends with everyone in my tutor group and from there I made friends from other classes. Everyone's just really kind to me and I'm really happy about that.

Is this the first time you've studied with classmates from other countries?
No, most schools I've been to have been international schools or had boarding students.

Is the student mix similar at Kings to the other schools you've been to?
Yes, at a previous school I've been to they had a lot of Asian students as boarders and lots of Russian people, and it's really interesting because I get to learn about different cultures and it also adds to my art work and inspiration.

What do you think of the area, and what do you like most about Beckenham?
I've lived in London for about 5 years, since I came back from Dubai, so it's normal for me. I've never really visited Beckenham — even though I live really close to Bromley — so I'm still quite new to the area, but I really like this place.

There's a movie theatre and cafes and shops and there's a park nearby, so there are lots of things to do in my free time here.

What are you most looking forward to about the next few months?
Improving my art, and I'm looking forward to future projects and what I can make, and focus on what's more relevant to my pathway — because art foundation mainly focuses on the fundamentals of fine art, and I'm interested in games design, I would like to make more illustrations and digital work which would be relevant for my future.