Spring means new beginnings for our Pathway students!

It's Spring and in the US that means one thing: it's time once again to celebrate with our students as they receive transfer offers from their dream universities.

Our unique pathway model — 1. Enrol. 2.Transfer 3. Graduate — means that our students have a path to the US Top 100 universities. Guaranteed.

Across all our campuses, Kings students are receiving their long-awaited acceptance letters from their target dream universities. And we are getting the first news of some of the best transfer offers yet!

This means they will soon be going on to the second or third year at some of the very finest schools in the country. They can look forward to a graduation Diploma which will be among the most prestigious in the world.

Most of our students apply for multiple universities. Our advisors counsel each student individually towards the best choices for their intended major. This involves helping them apply to up to 9 different universities.

At this point, we know that Davyd Fridman from Ukraine has had offers to major in Computer Science from Rice University (ranked 14 nationally in U.S. News & World Report National University rankings 2018), University of Michigan (#28) and Boston University (#37).

Evgeniia Bulatova from Russia has offers from UCLA (#21 nationally and #1 Top Public Schools), UC Santa Barbara (#37) and UC Riverside (#124) to complete her degree in Political Science.

Jeonghoon Kim from South Korea has received an offer from UC Berkeley (#21 nationally and #1 Top Public Schools) to major in Chemistry.

Larry Sukarya from Indonesia has so far received an offer from University of Southern California (#21 nationally and #5 Top Public Schools) as well as Fordham University (#61).

Olesya Iosipchuk from Russia has an offer from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (#30 nationally and #5 Top Public Schools) to major in Biology (Pre-Med) and Elizaveta Volnova is going to Boston University (#37) to major in Film and Television.

Isabel Tan from Malaysia has already heard from 7 out of the 9 to which she applied, including Pepperdine University (ranked 46 nationally). All of them have offered her a place to complete a degree in Communications.

We are immensely proud of our students, and of the expert Kings Progression Advisors who help them achieve their ultimate university dream.