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Studying A-levels in Science and Maths in preparation for Medical School

03 Mar, 2021
Studying A-levels in Science and Maths in preparation for Medical School

Niyousha Mehrnoosh, from Iran, tells us about studying for A-levels in Science at Maths at Kings Bournemouth in preparation for medical school in the UK.

Hi Niyousha. Which course are you studying at Kings? Which subjects?

I’m currently studying A-levels at Kings. My study subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

What is your favourite subject and why do you like it?

I enjoy all of my subjects but if I had to choose a favourite it would be Biology. The subject itself is fascinating to me, but our teacher makes it even more enjoyable.

How would you describe the community at Kings Bournemouth?

I love our small multicultural community at Kings. There are students from all around the world who you can become friends with and learn loads from.

What is the teaching like at Kings Bournemouth?

"Our teachers are amazing at what they do. They have been supporting my classmates and I from the first day and have made doing A-levels in a second language much easier for us."

Have you started your university applications yet? How is it going? Which universities are you applying to?

I had to send an early application in mid-October as I am applying to study Medicine at university. It has been going well despite the unusual situation we have due to the pandemic. I have applied to Queen Mary University, King’s College London, Imperial College, Aston University and the University of East Anglia.

How has your experience of studying online throughout the pandemic been?

I think the whole experience from last year has helped everyone work online with less difficulty. I’m really glad that we still do all of our lessons according to our normal timetable and have online lessons with our teachers.

Have you taken part in many social activities or clubs during your time at Kings?

Yes, since I joined Kings I have had many opportunities to take part in different clubs and activities. Right now I’m a part of the Photography Club and it has been a great experience.

Why did you choose to study at Kings Bournemouth?

I visited Bournemouth once before I moved here, and I loved the town and the school. It felt like a really welcoming place, especially for students. I really liked how close everything was to the school and it seemed like the best choice for me.

How would you describe Kings Bournemouth to a friend who was thinking about studying here?

"If I were to describe our school to a friend I would say that at Kings the supportive teachers and staff help students through every step towards going to the best universities and make being away from home much easier."

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