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Remote learning: helping our US students stay on track

18 Oct, 2020
Remote learning: helping our US students stay on track

The majority of students across our GO programs in the US have started their studies online from home this semester. Some students are planning to complete their whole program remotely, and others are hoping to join in-person later in the year.

We recently spoke to Kings New York Center Director and Progression Advisor, Nino Bitsadze, who explained a bit more about how we have been ensuring that students stay engaged and on track, no matter where they’re studying from.

New student orientation

Orientation for new students included a session on the introduction to the U.S. higher education system which, was held online at a time carefully selected to suit students in all time zones.

We also have upcoming progression workshops scheduled. Information about these workshops is shared with students far in advance to ensure that everyone has the details they need — and that any potential technical issues are resolved prior to the workshop date.

Course registration

For course registration, students were provided with a list of suggested courses for the semester via email prior to the start of classes. Thorough and timely assistance was provided via live chat, video calls, and through email throughout the initial period, if students' schedules required modifications based on the first week's experience.

We also ensure that students are reminded about the additional resources available to them through our partner universities, such as free remote tutoring and virtual events.

Student performance monitoring

If an issue arises with a student's performance in a particular course, partner university teams communicate this information with us, as well as with the student, and we discuss the issue and potential solutions as a team.

Transfer advising

For transfer advising, in addition to topics discussed during workshops, all students are provided with a link for scheduling online appointments and are encouraged to remain in touch via email and chat apps.

To sum up, Nino commented:

“I feel connected with each student, even if I have not met them in person yet, and I genuinely enjoy our conversations, trying to hash out the best course of action for their individual goals.”