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Receiving transfer offers from UW–Madison and Stony Brook

16 Dec, 2019
Receiving transfer offers from UW–Madison and Stony Brook

Long Zhang is a psychology major from Guiyang, China. He came to Kings Boston 2 years ago, and after he finished levels 2 and 3 of Kings’ Go Prepared program, he started as a freshman at Pine Manor College. He applied to transfer this semester (his 4th at PMC), and has already received offers from both University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stony Brook University.

When you were planning your journey to America, why did you choose Kings Boston?

I compared Kings Los Angeles and Kings Boston and realized I prefer the cold weather, and I think Boston is a nice place to study and live.

Do you have any unforgettable memories at Pine Manor College?

The most valuable memory here is my experience as a Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Psychology class. I will never forget last year when I finished my last cross-cultural psychology class, Professor Mitchell asked me to be her teaching assistant for the following semester’s psychology class. I really love her and her class. I felt honored to work for her. I learned a lot from her and made a lot of friends in this class. When I was helping classmates work on their tests or assignments, I got a sense of responsibility. I was the TA for two semesters, and I really enjoyed it. Now it is getting closer and closer to the end of this semester. I will cherish the final time I get to spend with everyone. Also, Professor Mitchell was an important teacher on my path of psychology study. I will always remember her.

How many universities did you choose to apply to and why?

I applied to Stony Brook University, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Pacific Lutheran University. Because my major is psychology, I searched for universities with good psychology courses. Eventually, I found out that my professor graduated from Stony Brook! After I asked her for suggestions, Stony Brook was on my list. The reason why I applied to Wisconsin Madison is really fun. At first, I didn’t think I could go there because the application deadline was Oct.1st, and I didn’t have English proficiency test scores. I was going to give up, but my Kings Advisor, Brittney, showed me that they accept Composition 101 and 102 courses or TOEFL or IELTS to prove English proficiency. I was able to submit the application with my composition grades. About Pacific Lutheran University, the first reason is it is in Seattle. I love that city. Secondly, it is because they also have really great psychology courses. Thirdly, I visited this school before, and they have a really good campus environment. It’s suitable for me.

Can you talk about your personal statement?

Yeah, it talks about how I became interested in psychology. My mom bought me my first psychology book when I was in primary school. That was the first time I learned about psychology, even though it only has some basic information in it. And then, when I was in middle school, I met my first important teacher. He was a crazy fan of psychology, but he was not a psychology teacher. He would meet me after class to tell me some interesting stories about psychology. He succeeded in arousing my interest in the subject.

Do you think Kings was really helpful for you with transferring?

Yes, absolutely! When I started to prepare for my transferring stuff, my advisor gave me a list about what I needed to do and some examples of personal statements to help me write my own. At first I went to Kings like twice a week, but when everything for my applications was on my agenda, I went almost every other day. It is worth mentioning that the workshops at Kings were also really helpful. After I finished my first draft of my personal statement, my advisor helped me to check my grammar, my topic, and my details to make sure everything was perfect. Same with my supplemental essay!

Written by Wenyue Zhang, Kings Boston Progression's Student Social Media Ambassador