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Pursuing my path towards Medicine from Wavy Gate residence

03 Feb, 2021
Pursuing my path towards Medicine from Wavy Gate residence

Jason (Yun-Ta) Chuang from Taiwan is currently studying online from Oxford and living in the Wavy Gate residence as he completes his course. His goal is to progress to university to study Medicine.

Here, he shares his experience so far.

Hi Jason. Which course are you studying at Kings?

I'm studying Advanced Level Foundation and aiming for Medicine. I majored in Electronic Engineering before I came here.

What is your favourite subject and why do you like it?

Maths, because I've always loved Maths!

How would you describe the community at Kings?

Life in lockdown is a little bit different, but I'm lucky because everyone in my support bubble is very friendly. I've made a lot of friends.

What is the teaching like at Kings Oxford?

"The teachers are very supportive and friendly. Most of the time they prefer to let us explore the topics ourselves, which I suppose is a skill required for attending universities."

What are your plans for the future/for university?

Becoming a doctor. I know I'm somewhat old for pursuing another degree, therefore I will do everything to achieve good grades to make sure I can be chosen for interview.

Have Kings supported you with your university applications?

Yes, but Medicine is very competitive this year. So far Kings has been very supportive in my application.

How has your experience of studying online throughout the pandemic been?

It is definitely not as good as studying in person. Sometimes students will have to deal with technical issues, but teachers are trying their best to adapt to the new teaching environment.

Why did you choose to study at Kings Oxford?

This is a funny question. I came to Kings Oxford because my agent said Oxford is the best place if you want to become something great!

How would you describe Kings Oxford to a friend who was thinking about studying here?

"Yes, it will be challenging. Yes, it will be competitive. Yes, it will be stressful at times. But you will make friends and become more independent. Just make sure to stay focused on your goal, life is short, people come here looking for an opportunity, only those who dare win."

Semper Fi!

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