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Pursuing a dream to become an Environmental Manager at Kings London

28 May, 2019
Pursuing a dream to become an Environmental Manager at Kings London

Nasha Selsabilla from Indonesia is currently completing the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London. Here, she shares her thoughts on the course, the school and living in London.

Hi Nasha. What course are you studying at Kings, and why did you select this particular programme?

I am currently studying Advanced Level Foundation. I chose this programme because it gives me a wider range of options in choosing my university pathways. Biology, Chemistry and Maths are my main subjects with additional CSS and Data. I would say Biology is the one that catches my attention the most because my dream is to be an environmental manager.

How would you describe your experience at Kings London so far?

So far I have found it enjoyable. The best aspect of Kings London is that the students and teachers work together, just like a supportive partner. I also like the green space in the school. It is really giving me a happy atmosphere to work in.

Have you joined any clubs and societies yet?

I joined Spanish and Science club. It was okay and pretty beneficial for my study.

Have you made lots of friends, and is this the first time you have studied with classmates from other countries?

Yes! This is not my first time but definitely this is the most challenging because of the fact that I am abroad. Studying in such a diverse environment is really fantastic, it enables you to share your opinions together with many friends that have various backgrounds and see the picture in a wider scale which I think is necessary for our future careers.

What accommodation have you chosen, and do you like where you live?

I live in the Kings Apartments. On a scale from 1 to 10 maybe 7.5. To be honest I was expecting that I'd live nearer to central London but turned out it is not as bad as it seemed. The nearest station is just 10 minutes' walk and there is a direct train to central London that takes probably 25 minutes.

Beckenham is a lovely environment to study in, not too many distractions around but enough to entertain you at weekends.

What are you most looking forward to about the next few months?

I hope that I can get into my dream university and make more memories with my friends and teachers.