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Pursuing a career in Biology in Boston

18 Jan, 2024
Pursuing a career in Biology in Boston

Meet Hyunjeong Cha from South Korea, who is majoring in Biology at Fisher College.

Hi Hyunjeong! Which university are you currently studying at? What is your major?

I am studying at Fisher College majoring in Biology.

What motivated you to study in the US?

I have loved travel since I was young, so I travelled to many countries. I like to experience different cultures and I always wanted to try to study abroad. Boston is a famous city with many schools, and I have never been here. So, I decided on Boston.

What made you choose this university? and how has it lived up to your expectations so far?

Fisher has a pathway program to SGU (St Georges University), so I chose this college. I want to go to vet school so it was a great opportunity. However, I changed my mind after coming here, so I changed my major from Health Science to Biology. I will apply to vet schools in the US rather than only SGU.

Can you describe any cultural difference that surprised you while attending college here?

Compared to South Korea, I was surprised that many students asked questions a lot during the class.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities?

Yes. I am the Biology Club founder group president at Fisher College. I am volunteering at the animal shelter, Angell Animal Hospital, the aquarium, and the Zoo. Also, I am shadowing veterinarians at the VCA Rotherwood Animal Hospital.

How did Kings advisors guide you or help you through the transfer process?

My Kings advisor Abby helped me to make a resume and cover letter. She found an animal hospital for me to shadow vets.

What advice do you have for other international students who are considering studying at this university and pursuing a college education in the US?

I recommend studying English before you come. The class will not be easy and you will do a lot of homework in English. There are many international students in the US, so you don’t have to worry about being lonely. Good luck!

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