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Top 20 US University Success!

30 May, 2020
Top 20 US University Success!

Minju Ahn from South Korea did her GO:50 with us in Boston and has been accepted to Vanderbilt University to study Molecular & Cellular Biology.

Star-student Minju has not just won a place at Vanderbilt University. Here are all the top schools she applied to:

  • Vanderbilt University (#15): ACCEPTED
  • University of California--San Diego (#37): ACCEPTED
  • University of Georgia (#50): ACCEPTED
  • Tufts University (#29): WAITLISTED
  • Johns Hopkins University (#10): PENDING
  • Cornell University (#17): PENDING

Minju achieved a final GPA of 3.95. She also completed a teaching assistantship which really boosted her student profile.

67/69 of the credits she gained on her GO:50 program will be transferred to Vanderbilt University!

“Kings has supported me in every possible way. We started with long-term planning when I first came. Taking advantage of great resources Kings provides, I was able to prepare for the tests required by many great schools."

“Also, in most cases, submitting an application to a school doesn’t mean the application is completed. There are still a bunch of documents that need to be checked for review, and my Kings advisor was always there to walk me through whichever I need their help for."

You can find a full list of universities that have offered places to our students at our Top 100 Universities page.