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Progressing to my sophomore year at Pine Manor

16 Oct, 2017
Progressing to my sophomore year at Pine Manor

Kai-Sung Chen from Taiwan has been studying with Kings Boston since September 2015, starting with Intensive Course and GO: Prepared [Undergraduate Preparation Programme]. Now he is in his sophomore year at Pine Manor College.

He has maintained a good GPA in university and meets with his Kings advisor regularly to discuss transfer plans. We are confident that he will transfer to his dream university in the near future!

Hi Kai-Sung. How long have you been at Pine Manor College and what classes are you taking at the moment?
Hi, this is my second year at PMC. I have four classes in this semester: conversation class, physics class, social media class and digital photography class.

Can you give us an idea of your daily/weekly schedule?
During the week, I start my classes at 10:20. After class I ride my bike to take pictures around the city for my homework. On the weekend, I go and find activities around Boston.

What are you enjoying most about studying at PMC so far, and how have you found studying alongside American students?
I like studying at PMC. It feels comfortable, it’s a friendly place. Professors take care of us and our learning process. My classmates have different ideas about subjects and studying. Their way of thinking is a good mode of studying. I love to study with them.

Had you been to Massachusetts before you started at PMC? What do you like most about Chestnut Hill/MA?
This my second time in Massachusetts. Last time I came here was 6 years ago. I think Chestnut Hill is a good place to study; it’s quiet and peaceful. There isn’t the wailing of police sirens all the time.

How do you find the levels of support from Kings on campus? What has been most useful so far?
Kings helped me so much with my transfer work. The thing I love was the way they always have different activities for each day, ways that I can make friends in a new country.

Do you have specific plans for transferring and do you know yet what your major will be? Do you have a specific career in mind for after your graduate?
My dream job would be as an artificial intelligent developer. I want to start by studying computer science, and I am already in internet class to get closer to my dream job.

What advice would you give to students considering taking the Pathway program?
Try to make as many friends who help you speak; don't be shy to talk with other people. Also, try to go out and join some activities and be as sociable as possible. And lastly, DO NOT BE ABSENT TO ANY CLASS.