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Progressing from Level 2 to Level 7 in 8 months at Kings Boston

27 Nov, 2019
Progressing from Level 2 to Level 7 in 8 months at Kings Boston

Hirotaka Hirabayashi from Japan, has been studying the Diploma of Intensive English course at Kings Boston for 8 months.

Hiro has improved his English greatly whilst studying with us — starting out around Kings Level 2 – 3, and finishing his course at Level 7. Throughout his course, he took a number of different afternoon Special Interest Group (SIG) classes, including Writing, Conversation, Test Prep/College Writing, and Business English.

Hi Hiro, why did you choose a Kings course?

When I chose a language school, I took care of the location and the size of the school.

Kings Boston is located in Chestnut Hill, a natural and peaceful environment.

At Kings, there is usually only 5 – 10 people per class, so I thought that the teachers could take care of all the students.

What do you like most about Kings?

I like that the Kings teachers and the students are all friendly.

How would you describe your Kings experience to a friend?

I’ll tell my friends that I have many opportunities to change myself. It was a big decision to study in the US, because I was very poor at English when I started. I thought English would be essential in a modern job, and so I decided to go to the US to overcome my poor English.

The course started with a lot of things I didn’t understand. Although I received explanations, I still couldn’t understand well because my English was very low.

I didn’t know anything at first, however, the teachers taught me kindly, and I was finally able to advance to Level 7!

What could be better about your experience here?

I felt the personalities of students from other countries could be both good and bad. On the downside, there are students who are loose in time [bad at timekeeping and late to lessons]. On the other hand, there were many good aspects such as many students who treated freshmen like friends and could actively communicate their thoughts.