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Preparing to study Marketing and Management in the UK

06 Mar, 2019
Preparing to study Marketing and Management in the UK

Yen Hoai Do (Sadie), from Vietnam, shares her experience of life as student at Kings Brighton taking the Advanced Level Foundation course, and how her time so far has shaped her plans for future study.

Hi Sadie. What course are you doing here at Kings, and what subjects are you studying within it?

Hi, I'm doing the Advanced Level Foundation course. Currently I'm doing Mathematics, Economics, Business and CSS and Data.

Is there one that you’re enjoying most at the moment?

I actually enjoy all of them but I have to say Economics is the subject that I find most intriguing. At first I had no intention of choosing Economics because some of my friends who took Economics before (they're at university now) said that it is really difficult and confusing. So, I was really scared of the subject even though I had no idea about what we would be studying. But then the principal advised me to choose Economics because it would be a nice combination with Maths and Business.

So are you happy you chose it?

Yes, it's a really interesting subject.

Do you think it's something you might go on to study at university?

I actually plan to study Marketing and Management.

Have you found the CSS and Data modules useful?

Yes, absolutely. Last year in CSS we wrote an assignment about Fake News which was absolutely amazing — I didn't have any idea that the things we read on the internet can be so misleading and confusing. I learnt a lot from that experience. I also learnt how to reference, I actually know the importance of referencing others' work and things like plagiarism — which is not considered very important in Vietnam. I've also learnt to research information and paraphrase things you read.

For Data, I think we'll learn Excel, which will be very important — especially for my chosen course.

Have you finished your UCAS application?

Yes, I finished it and have already got offers from the universities.

What's your top choice at the moment?

I'm thinking the University of East Anglia, and University of Kent.

So what attracted you to UEA?

Well I have a few friends who have studied there before and they told me that UEA is quite a dynamic environment with lots of different nationalities. I think it’s a really nice university, where I can work hard to achieve good results, but also have a life!

Did you have a lot of support from your UCAS counsellor when it came to making your final choices?

Yes, I had no idea about UCAS before and Mr Alan Beer (my UCAS tutor) supported me a lot during the application process. The other teachers from my course also helped me. When it comes to writing your personal statement, it can be quite tricky!

Did you find that being involved in the Student Council and Model UN were helpful in giving you things to write about?

Absolutely. Actually a lot of the things I included in my personal statement were related to my experience of the Society of Model United Nations. I've been really devoted and have learned a lot, and have had a lot of great friendships. I've grown a lot and have felt myself develop. It was something that I founded in Vietnam during my high school years.

Is this your first experience of studying in an international setting?

Yes, it is. I lived in Hungary for a few years, but when I was just a kid so I don't really remember! I've found it a really positive experience, I've gained an appreciation of different religions, different nationalities, and know how to embrace the differences. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to go to the UK and actually meet these people — they’re wonderful!

What made you decide to come and prepare for and go to university in the UK?

I first thought of going to the UK when I read Sherlock Holmes, when I was 14 years old! Since then I have been really fascinated by the country and have found a lot of things that me and the UK have in common… I simply just really love the country.

What kind of things would you say you have in common?

I think people in the UK are proud — it's a proud nation, but you are subtle… there's a delicacy. You're friendly people, but you're not that excitable! You're a really old country, you have a long-standing culture — and I'm kind of a nostalgic person.

Do you know yet what kind of career you might be interested in after your degree?

I decided to study Marketing and Management simply because I want to work with people, and to bring positivity and good influence to them. I don't think I will stick to one job forever, I will be changing jobs and finding what fits me best.

Why did you choose Kings as the place to do your Foundation?

That's kind of a complicated story! Kings was actually the first college in the UK that I learnt about. I met Lucy, the South East Asia regional director, when I was 16. At the time my parents were considering options and from friends' experience, they thought that going to the UK was really expensive and they didn't think it was realistic.

But then, after I finished my last high school year (Year 12) I decided to do International Year 1 in the UK to save time, but Lucy encouraged me to apply for the scholarship that Kings offers, so I applied for that, and got it. It's a reasonable amount so I asked my parents' permission to go to the UK and they said yes. My dad, he trusts Lucy a lot, so he agreed!

Are you happy here at Kings?

Yes, I've been very happy.