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Preparing for the TOEFL test online

16 Apr, 2020
Preparing for the TOEFL test online

Ling Zhou (pictured top right during an online language session using a board game) is studying Business on the Kings GO: Madison program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities. We talk with Ling about his study plans, the changes he has faced and the continued support he has received from Kings.

What are you focused on right now?

Right now, while I am learning from home, I have been working on preparing for the TOEFL with my Kings Progression Advisor (KPA). I hope to take the exam this summer.

What is your favorite part of preparing for the TOEFL?

My favorite part is doing speaking exercises because I like to talk!

What are some the positives of virtual TOEFL prep?

"Although I miss in-person classes, working from home has helped me learn perseverance."

At school I can naturally transition to a study mindset. However, when I am studying from home, I need some time to adjust and focus.

Another positive is that I have more time to work on TOEFL now. I meet with my KPA almost every day to work on TOEFL exercises and she also gives be things to practice during my free time.

Have you decided on your target schools?

Yes, my first target school is Cornell University. I will also be applying to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Boston University.

What have you done to prepare to transfer to these schools?

I am working hard to earn strong grades. I am also building my student profile by participating in extracurricular activities and working as a campus tutor.

Any advice for other students learning from home?

Every student should work on developing a positive mindset when learning from home. A good psychological state is helpful for staying happy, healthy, and productive.