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Preparing for a future in Computer Science

13 Dec, 2018
Preparing for a future in Computer Science

Bingrui Xiao, from China, is a freshman at Kings at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh-Fox Cities, excited to be studying in the United States. We sat down and spoke with Bingrui about his experience so far at UWO-Fox Cities. He tells us about his Computer Science classes and ACM Competition he was part of, which are preparing him for a future in the field of Computer Science.

What is your major?
My major is Computer Science, but I am also interested in Engineering.

Where do you want to transfer to after you leave UWO-Fox Cities?
I would like to transfer to UW-Madison, but I am also looking into other universities that have a good Computer Science program.

What do you like about your Computer Science class?
I think my teacher is great and I enjoy talking with him. We learn programming and solving problems. I like designing and creating my own application.

What was your experience of the ACM Competition (International Collegiate Programming Contest) like and what did you learn?
ACM is a great competition and it was a great experience. It was held at the campus of Epic System Corporation and we toured the campus after the competition. Epic is a great computer software company and their campus is beautiful. I am a beginner in Computer Science, and I don’t have much experience in it, but I tried my best to solve the problems for my team. According to the competition (we got 14th place in the ACM competition), I found out that I have long way to go in Computer science and I will pursue more.

Are there any other clubs or sports team you are part of?
I also participate in Soccer team, Fox Bytes Computer Science Club, Fox Engineering Society and Business Club. The soccer season is over, and we just got state championship! It was an unforgettable time with all team members and I still want to play indoor soccer with my teammates together. I am the treasurer of Computer Science Club and ACM is one of our good activities. We are making an electrical vehicle in Engineering Society and it is the biggest program in UWO-Fox Cities so far. I decided to join Business Club because I am also interested in business.

Does this class make you excited to learn about your major? Are you glad you came to study at UWO-Fox Cities?
These courses paved the way for me to learn more about CS. My Computer Science experience is based on this class since I didn't have a lot experience in Computer Science before. Studying in university is my first time and my important step in my life. UWO-Fox Cities colored my college life. I met many friends here and there are many people who have helped me to achieve my goal. I enjoy here and this is the college life I want.