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Preparing for a future in Business and Media

05 Apr, 2019
Preparing for a future in Business and Media

Aqil Khalishwidro Legopranowo from Singapore is currently studying the Advanced Level Foundation course. Here, he shares some of the ways that Kings differs to his previous schools, and tells us a little about his future study plans.

Hi Aqil. What made you decide to come and do the Foundation?

I heard about it from a friend who's doing it. It was an opportunity for me to prepare myself a bit better for university.

What made you choose Kings as your Foundation provider?

I think because I heard it was more one-to-one. The classes are smaller, so more focussed, and the teaching styles are different for each teacher and makes you more engaged.

How have you found it here at Kings?

It's kind of different — in a good way. The classes are really small so you get to know everyone more. We get to study alongside European students, which is really different from Asia. I'm really grateful for that.

Is the teaching style here different to what you've experienced before?

Yes, actually the teachers learn more about you and find ways to help you out, and to get you to a higher level. They're really supportive.

Are you enjoying it here overall?

Yes I am! The environment is really good, but very different. It takes a bit of adjustment at first, but you get used to it.

Is this the first time you've studied alongside other international students?

I've done it before, during university camps. I went to one in Kuala Lumpur and another time at a scholars event in Taiwan.

Is this your first experience of studying in the UK? How are you finding it compared to Singapore?

Yes it is. It's interesting, very different! Especially in Brighton it's more diverse and liberal. Everyone is really nice. There are a lot of good manners here. I'm enjoying it.

That's great! Even the weather?

Right now its pretty cold — I'm not really used to it so sometimes I have to wear three layers to go out!

What modules are you doing as part of your Foundation?

I'm doing technically three — Business, Economics and History. I'm really enjoying History at the moment.

Have you submitted your UCAS application?

Yes. My first choice at the moment is Westminster, my second Newcastle, third Birmingham and fourth/ fifth are Oxford Brookes and KCL.

What degree course would you like to study?

Business and Media. Not a lot of people would choose that combination I think! It will hopefully make me understand the media in my country as well, since it's also developing I want to understand more about the social media side, and what trends are developing.

What kind of enrichment activities are you doing here?

I have joined a few clubs — the running club is one. We have also done field trips to Devil's Dyke and Seven Sisters — they're great for sightseeing and taking pictures! The views are amazing.