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Practising English and exploring the culture of Boston

11 Apr, 2019
Practising English and exploring the culture of Boston

Meet Joaquim Paranhos de Menezes, from Brazil, who recently took the Kings English Vacation Course at Kings Boston.

Hi Joaquim! Why did you decide to improve your English?

English has a great importance on my area of work (medicine). It helps me with the study of many subjects. The other reason I am improving my English is that I want to do my medical residency in the United States. Besides those reasons, English is spoken worldwide, so it's good to know English well.

What made you choose to come to Kings Boston?

There was some reasons to why I chose Kings. First, I wanted to go to Boston (it is a great city); second, Kings is a well known school in the city, with good prices.

What was your course like?

I can tell, for sure, that the course was really good, and that I had great teachers there, which helped me improve my English, through interactive classes.

Where did you stay?

In my time over there I stayed in a residence, where I had amazing experiences (I was closer to most of my friends), and my accommodation was very good. I have no complaints.

Did you take part in any of the extracurricular activities at Kings?

One of the best parts of my trip was the extracurricular activities Kings provided. I participated in some of them, and, in my opinion, the highlights were the Irish bar with Irish live music (a great cultural experience), the ski trip to Pats Peak Mountain (some adrenaline rush is always welcome), and the hockey game, another experience I don't have in Brazil (Harvard against Boston University).

What were the highlights of your time in Boston?

I guess, above all the activities I did and the places I visited, the best part of my trip was the friends I made. I met a lot of amazing people and, of course, I had a lot of cultural exchanges.

What do you think of the school's location on Pine Manor College campus?

It was well located, with everything I needed was near by. Kings been located inside Pine Manor was also an advantage, because I had more facilities to use.

I spent a lot of time downtown Boston too; I visited several places, cultural and historical ones, stores, etc. I feel like I experienced a true Bostonian's life by going to typical and local bars, restaurants, cafes...

Had you studied at any other language schools before coming to Kings Boston?

I have experienced other English language school, indeed (another English exchange course I took in Los Angeles) but it was not compared to Kings at all — neither in the classes and teacher's level, nor in the extracurricular activities that were offered.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?

What I can say to the ones that are planning on coming to Kings... Well, for sure, you will have a great time there, with the best teachers and the best staff who will provide you with all the support you will ever need. You will certainly enjoy Boston a lot.