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Ping pong fun at Kings New York

20 Mar, 2023
Ping pong fun at Kings New York

On Thursday March 2nd Kings students in New York participated in a much-anticipated ping pong tournament! All students came down to either take part, or watch their friends compete. It was a fun, interesting, and very intense game as friends went up against each other. We had 12 players go head-to-head in a 15-point game with two winners remaining. The games were full of suspense!

Shanna Wilson, a student worker said:

“This was the most riveting and exciting game I refereed so far! Can’t wait to do this again!”

Jasper, freshman student at the College of Mount Saint Vincent commented:

“This event helped me enjoy my college life and made it more interesting! This was my first-time playing ping pong, and it expanded my experiences. It was great to be part of the competition; I even won a match which was so fun! I can’t wait to play it again”.

Everyone enjoyed pizza, music, and the wonderful spectacle of the players in the tournament. Everyone had a great time hanging out and playing in a friendly competition.