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Participating in scholarship fundraiser

30 Dec, 2019
Participating in scholarship fundraiser

Educational Assistance Through Scholarships (e.a.t.s) at UWO-Fox Cities

UW Fox Cities Foundation exists to seek resources that transform the learning experience on the Fox Cities campus through academic scholarships through the generous donations from the community and corporate sponsorships and donations. For international students studying in the US, the process of looking for scholarships can be time consuming because of the application process which often requires students to submit an essay that tells something about themselves and their professional and academic goals.

This Fall 2019, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities Campus, UW Fox Cities Foundation hosted e.a.t.s. fundraiser which gathered the community to a food-sampling event showcasing community and celebrity chefs and bakers to raise scholarships for UWO-Fox Cities students.

Kings Education students, Takumi Kawahara (Japan), Bingrui Xiao (China), and Arundhati Shelat (India) volunteered their time to be servers and runners during the food event. Student volunteers assisting with e.a.t.s gives community members an opportunity to meet and interact with university students and hear their stories firsthand.

Celebrity chefs included, UWO Assistant Chancellor Martin Rudd and Mayor of Menasha, Wisconsin, Don Merkes. Kings scholarship recipient, Bingrui Xiao, was interviewed by local news anchor Brooke Hafs of the channel NBC26.

Kings students receive the support and guidance from Kings Wisconsin staff when looking for scholarships within the university as well as community. Volunteering for an event like e.a.t.s not only gives an opportunity for the Wisconsin community to see a diverse international student body, but it also give Kings international students an opportunity to see how the local community fundraises to provide scholarships for university students through philanthropy work.