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Training day for Oxbridge interviews and MMIs

03 Dec, 2020
Training day for Oxbridge interviews and MMIs

On Wednesday 18th November, a group of Kings students who are either aiming for places at University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, or applying to Medical School this year, took part in a special training day covering mock Oxbridge interviews and MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) circuit training. The training day was conducted virtually via Zoom this year, and was attended by students from across our four UK colleges.

Oxbridge mock interviews

As is to be expected for such prestigious universities, the admissions process for both Oxford and Cambridge is rigorous and includes additional entrance tests and formal interviews before students are awarded a place.

In advance of the mock interview training, students were provided with two videos to watch to help them prepare. One featured on a former Oxbridge Admissions Tutor discussing what he looks for in candidates, and one talked about interview skills within the specific context of an online interview.

Each student took part in a 30-minute mock interview which was designed to mimic the format of a real-life Oxford or Cambridge admission interview.

The interview was recorded and then sent to student afterwards alongside written feedback and tips to help them improve on their performance.

The interviewers were assessing the students across three key areas — Academic Engagement, Communication, and Knowledge.

Ada Tanriverdi, a student from Turkey who is aiming for a place studying Chemistry at the University of Oxford, said:

“The interview day was really useful for me since I’ve had the chance to see two different interviews with different outlines and this gave me an idea about what type of questions I’ll be asked in my actual interview with Oxford."

The question styles and the ways that the interview was conducted (using a whiteboard link and working with the tutors on the same shared screen for the questions) really improved my understanding and I learned new ways to express myself clearly. As of now, with knowing the general style of an Oxford interview, I’m feeling a little more confident which at the end of the day is a success for me!”

MMI Circuit Training

MMIs stands for Multiple Mini Interviews, and is an interview format used by many Medical Schools in the UK. They involve a series of short interviews involving a scenario where applicants are asked to take the role of a doctor or medical student, and are assessed on their interpersonal or communication skills. One example scenario may be “breaking some bad news to a patient”.

The MMI Circuits were again delivered as a fully-interactive virtual experience this year. Students faced 20 individual MMI stations, 10 of which they tackled themselves, and a further 10 which they observed along with their partner. The ‘stations’ were designed to replicate what students will experience in their actual MMIs.

Each MMI session also included a 3-minute feedback period at the end so that the students could receive detailed comments from the training team.

Melrose, Teacher and UCAS Advisor at Kings Oxford, said:

“The informal anecdotal feedback about the MMI and Oxbridge interviews has been excellent. Thorough, useful and constructive are some adjectives used.”

We wish all our students who are applying to Oxbridge or to Medical school this year the best of luck with their applications and look forward to hearing of their successes over the coming months.