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Our roles in Student Government

25 Nov, 2020
Our roles in Student Government

Jihae Choi, Yejin Kim, Jungmin Han, Chaerin Kim and Jaehyun Park were recently elected Student Government Communication Director, Chief of Staff and Senators respectively at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities. We caught up with them to find out more about their roles in Student Government, also known as Fox Student Association (FSA).

Hi guys. What are your titles and responsibilities?

Jihae (pictured bottom left): My title is Fox Student Association (FSA) Communications Director. As Communication Director, I represent the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cites as the student representative on the campus Appointments Committee, chair the Outreach committee, coordinate the fundraising efforts of student organizations, coordinate publicity and press releases issued by the Fox Student Association, maintain the Fox Student Association bulletin board, post Fox Student Association announcements and meeting notices, prepare and distribute minutes from both Senate and Executive Board meetings within five (5) working days, keep an accurate file of all the Fox Student Association minutes, keep an accurate list of Senators, Executives, and students appointed to committees as well as attendance and dates of appointment, and communicate with groups outside of the Fox Student Association. (This is from the Updated Constitution, Article VI: Duties of the Executives, Section IV.)

In addition I am also a Student Representative of Scholarship Committee. So, in conclusion, my main job entails writing the senate meeting agenda and minutes, attending every weekly senate meetings and executive meeting, planning for the campaigns and fundraising events, and communicating with groups inside and outside of FSA.

Yejin (pictured top left): My position in Student Government is the Chief of Staff. My role includes performing general clerical duties of the Fox Student Association, serving as the primary parliamentarian, taking meeting minutes in the absence of the Communications Director, maintaining the office schedule, ensuring all Executives and Senators are adhering to their constitutional duties, and overseeing the election process. (This is from the Updated Constitution, Article VI: Duties of the Executives, Section V.)

I am also a Student Representative of the Professional Develop (PD)Committee. Therefore, I join the PD committee meeting once every two weeks and deliver important information which students should know.

Chaerin (pictured top right): Jaehyun, Jungmin and I are the senators. Our duties include attending Senate meetings once a week, upholding and enforcing the FSA Constitution, encouraging the student body to participate in University governance and vote on all student appointments by the President or the Executive board. All Senators must hold one office hour per week during the regular school year. (This is from the Article IX: Sentator Dutues, Section I.)

The Updated Constitution is available for everyone on UWO, Fox Cities website under Student Life

How often do you meet?

Jaehyun (pictured bottom right): We meet weekly (7:30 pm – 8:30 pm ) on Thursdays for the Senate meeting.

Jihae and Yejin: We also meet at 5 pm – 6 pm on Wednesdays for the Executive Board meeting.

What are your goals in FSA and personally?


"Last semester it was chaos for everyone due to the pandemic. Especially in this situation, I want to make and maintain a warm, friendly, and positive environment for UWO Fox Cities students. I want to focus on conducting several campaigns or fundraising (especially about mental health issues, public health, and racism, etc.)"

Personally my objective for this academic year is to maintain a high GPA, actively get involved in FSA, and as a Communications Director, encourage others to participate. Also, for this academic year, I want to maintain work, study, and life balance!

Yejin: This semester’s academic goal is to do my best in all classes, to achieve satisfactory results and to compete transfer applications as well. As an Executive member of the Student Government, I will contribute to what I can help with and actively participate in.

Senators: Our goal for this year is to become a university that all students are satisfied with. We will act as a voice of all the university students to represent their interests and maintain prerogatives. We will actively participate in study, formulations, development, enactment and review of the reports.

What do you think is the difference between Leadership role in South Korea vs. the United States?

Jihae: To be honest I think there is nothing much different between taking a leadership role in Korea or the U.S. The way you approach the students, unique leadership skills and communications skills are all the same and nothing really has changed compared to when I took a role in the student government in Korea. The only things that have changed are the different environment, different language and the different people. And this could be a challenge sometimes. However, having confidence and applying your own unique leadership and diplomatic skills is always the key.


"I was part of Student Government in High School in Korea and from my perspective I think Student Government in America is more organized because they have agendas and meetings so, it’s easier to check what we did/ discussed and when. In American Student Government there are several roles which are related to budgeting, and students are in charge of how they utilize the budget that academic year."

Jungmin: I think there is a difference between taking leadership in here the USA and Korea. To be specific, Korea moves in a very organized way, while the US moves on an individual basis. And taking leadership is important not only other students but also for me.

Why is it important to take a leadership role?

Jihae: It is important for me to take a leadership role because I want to expand my communications skills and confidence. Leadership is a very important function of management which helps to maximize the efficiency of the organization. As part of the FSA, and as part of the UWO Fox Cities student body, I wanted to develop my leadership skills while serving in a FSA communications director position.

Yejin: It helps you learn leadership skills, learn about responsibility, meet other students who you can network with. You meet people who have similar interests, so you can connect with them better.

Jungmin: Leadership requires me to be diligent, passionate, and self-disciplined. When these personal traits are developed, it is likely to bring a better result.