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Our first trip to MIT with Kings Boston

18 Dec, 2022
Our first trip to MIT with Kings Boston

Matthew Ford, King Boston's Student Services Coordinator, fills us in on a busy December at Kings Boston, from making gingerbread houses, to students completing their courses and even a visit to MIT!

"During the last week of the 2022 term for Kings Boston, students were hyped for a variety of reasons.

On Wednesday, December 14, students filed into the Kings Boston office to construct their very own gingerbread houses. No student had ever made a gingerbread house before, and it seemed there would need to be some definite guidance and oversight. In the end, students had a lot of laughs learning how to build these tasty-looking lodgings.

Other students were more stoked to be attending their very first tour of MIT. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology had recently opened many of its doors to the general public, and this week was going to be a first-time peek at various interiors of the highly acclaimed university. One of the largest turnouts of Winter 2022, this tour group sometimes branched out into several little parties as students chose to diverge from one clear path. Still, by the time everyone had gotten their fill of the well-known institute's multifaceted indoors, everyone was back to one group.

Finally, other students were simply excited to be completing their coursework at Kings Boston. On Friday morning of December 16, numerous students filed once again into the office of Kings Boston, where they were met by their supportive staff and encouraging teachers. Photo after photo, conversation after conversation... the morning drew on as a number of students decided that they weren't so ready to complete their time at Kings after all. By the afternoon, all were sentimental with goodbyes and farewells."

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