Our experiences of remote learning so far

We recently spoke to two of our Premium Universities students who are currently studying online — Shee Kit Low and Mana Kobayashi — to ask for their thoughts on how the semester is going so far.

Shee Kit (pictured left) is studying at College of Mount Saint Vincent with Kings New York, and Mana is studying at Fisher College with Kings Boston.

Hi both. Which countries do you come from, and where are you currently studying?

Shee Kit: I am from Singapore and I am currently studying online from home. I am majoring in Business Administration with CMSV [College of Mount Saint Vincent, New York].

Mana: I’m from Japan [and studying from there].

Which courses are you taking this semester?

Shee Kit: The courses I am taking this semester are English, Math, Management and Economics.

Mana: Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Intro to Psychology, Applied Calculus, and Microeconomics.

How has your experience of studying online been so far?

Shee Kit:

"So far my learning experience online with CMSV has been a breeze. The online platform used to carry out teaching is very user-friendly and the professors are very helpful as well."

Mana: Online classes are still a challenge, and I'm sure I need to be creative in managing myself. I'm in Japan right now, so there is a 13 or 14 hour time difference from Boston. If I want to attend a live online class, I have to stay up from midnight to early morning. However, all professors will post a recording of the class afterwards, so if I miss a class, I can watch it later. Also, if I don't understand a class, I can email the professor and ask questions or even get tutoring online, which I take advantage of.

Have you felt supported by the Kings team?

Shee Kit: The Kings team has been nothing but supportive thus far, especially Nino and Brittney, in helping me settle administrative issues and advising me to take what courses. I am in contact with one of my classmates from China, so we discuss our homework and quizzes.

Mana: Yes, definitely.

"During the current turmoil caused by COVID-19, the college had to close and many other things happened, but the Kings team always guided me in the right direction."

Have you spoken with your Kings Progression Advisor yet this semester?

Shee Kit: I have not met with my Kings Progression Advisor yet but I am planning to do so soon to prepare for my transfer application.

Mana: Because the Kings advisor changed recently, I haven't met Nino in-person. However, we have communicated via Teams or email, and she always gives me specific and helpful advice about transferring.

Do you know which subject you would like to Major in? Which universities are you aiming for?

Shee Kit: NYU is my dream school but I have several other choices in mind as well.

Mana: I would like to major in Management Information Systems. I am aiming for University of Maryland.

Will you be completing your course online, or are you hoping to travel to the US at some point?

Shee Kit: I am planning to travel to the US by the end of this year to complete the rest of my studies.

Mana: I definitely would like to come back US as possible, because there are a lot of experiences I can only have there, and there's no time difference.