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Online teaching offers new perspectives

22 Apr, 2020
Online teaching offers new perspectives

We caught up with EFL: teacher Gabrielle to find out her thoughts of teaching students remotely. Her insights and experiences are very interesting.

“It's really nice to interact with students while they're in their home countries. They can show us views from their windows, introduce their family members (and even their pets!) in person.

“I've been amazed at how much speaking and pronunciation I can still teach, even over a video. A lot of speaking tasks work pretty much the same as they do in the classroom.

“I believe that students will not only learn English, but also vital skills for conducting online video calls and meetings once they reach the world of work. In academia and business, this kind of communication is going to play a bigger and bigger role, because of increasing inter-connectedness around the world. Having these skills (and in a foreign language!) will be a great thing to add to your CV.”