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On the path to a career in veterinary medicine

05 Jan, 2021
On the path to a career in veterinary medicine

Maddy Smith has just begun an A-level course at Kings Bournemouth after deciding to change paths and pursue university studies in veterinary nursing. Here, she shares her experience with us so far.

Hi Maddy. What made you choose Kings?

After finishing my A-levels in summer, I went on to enrol in an Art University in Bournemouth but realised my passions were elsewhere. I’m really keen to work with and help animals and would love to progress into a career in veterinary nursing.

In order to achieve this, I needed to take an A-level in Biology and I wanted to do this in a fast-track year so that I could go to university as soon as possible. I really struggled to find colleges which provided a one-year A-level but I heard through a friend that Kings offered this, which was perfect for my situation!

How would you describe your experience at Kings Bournemouth so far this term?

"My experience at Kings has been great, the class sizes are small which means that you get a lot of one-on-one attention with the teachers which has been really helpful for me. Everyone is really friendly, and a lot of support is given to help us with our future plans, for example our uni applications."

Have you adapted well to school life with social distancing, wearing masks, etc.? Do you feel safe?

Yeah, there are lots of systems in place to ensure we are socially distanced, like wearing masks and following one-way systems, plus the classes are small.

Have you met many new friends? Where are they from?

Yeah, I’ve met people who are from lots of different places, some British, German, Iranian and Dutch. Everyone’s really friendly and welcoming.

How is the experience of being in an international school? Have you studied in an international environment before?

"I came from a state college so had not experienced an international environment before but its been really interesting meeting people from different cultures."

Do you live locally? Or are you staying in a Kings residence?

I live about an hour and a half away, so I live half the week at home and half of the week (3 nights) at the St Peters residence in Bournemouth town centre. When at home I attend my lessons virtually but when I drive down to Bournemouth for the other half of the week, I attend lessons in college. This is good for my course as I need to be in college for the Biology lab practicals.

Would you recommend Kings Bournemouth to other students?

Yeah! I would definitely recommend it if you would benefit from small classes and individual attention.

Are you planning on going to university next year? Which unis or subjects do you have in mind?

Yeah that’s the plan! I am applying to Veterinary Nursing courses at universities including Harper Adams and Hartpury University, which are specialist agriculture and animal universities and therefore perfect for me to do my course.

Maddy will soon be starting a work placement on a farm where she’s hoping to gain some first-hand experience that will help her university application stand out from the crowd.

Update from September 2021: Maddy is now study Veterinary Sciences at Harper Adams University, having achieved the grades she needed at Kings in August 2021. Well done Maddy!