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On-campus learning at Kings Boston: a great background for your future academic career

06 Apr, 2016
On-campus learning at Kings Boston: a great background for your future academic career

Former GO 100 program [formerly known as On Campus Plus] student, Nikita Demidov, tells us why Pine Manor College, home of Kings Boston, is a great place to start your US university degree, and how Kings helped him on his journey to transfer to Texas State University.

Why did you decide to join a pathway program at Kings Boston, and in what ways did Kings help you during your time at Pine Manor College?

I found it essential to be a part of the pathway program because Kings advisors contributed a lot to my future. As a matter of fact, they helped me to set objectives, to narrow down the list of potential transfer universities, and to control my progress. As a pathway student, you will have access to informative workshops that will help you to be on the right track, allow you to ask questions, and address your concerns.

"I found it crucial that I had an advisor who was willing to sit with me every few weeks and go over my profile to set up short term goals that I had to get done by the next meeting."

Why did you choose to go to Pine Manor College?

When you first come to the USA, in most cases, you know nothing about the education system here. Hence, it makes perfect sense to apply to a school that will assist you on a daily basis and give you as much attention as you need. I chose to go to Pine Manor College because it is a wonderful small college with amazing faculty.

Also, PMC is located in a picturesque and quiet neighborhood, right next to Boston College, one of the best schools in the US. I received a lot of individual attention at Pine Manor; my professors always were willing to spend extra time with me to answer any questions, and they really try to help you to succeed. If you choose Pine Manor, you will feel yourself a part of an amazing community, and this school will provide a great background for you future academic career.

What did you like the most about Pine Manor?

Pine Manor is a small school where you are an important part of a local community. You will know everyone, and everyone will know you. This was important to me, especially when I first came to the country and wanted to practice my English as much as possible.

"I found lifelong friends in Pine Manor and those connections meant a lot for me because I was far from home and did not know anyone in the States"

What sorts of things are you doing now at your transfer university, Texas State University-San Marcos?

I transferred to another fantastic school - Texas State University. I am attending McCoy College of Business and majoring in Finance. When you are a part of a business school, you have a chance to get involved in different business organizations. I am currently a member of Net Impact - a business organization that focuses on sustainability. This year we are doing energy audits for local businesses, volunteering on MotoGP in Austin, and doing many other projects.

Also, I am a part of another student organization - Students in International Business. In this organization, we are working on a business plan for a non-profit organization called Sights Unseen that provides adjusted eyewear to the developing world. The goal of this project is to present a business plan to USAID and receive additional funding for Sights Unseen.

Additionally, I am working in the Dean's Office in McCoy College of Business that allows me to work side by side with the most amazing people in the school.

Furthermore, I am a student in the Honors College, a special department in Texas State University where the best students from different disciplines work to create a more holistic learning experience. I am planning to graduate in May 2018 with major in Finance.

How did your time at Pine Manor prepare you for Texas State?

Pine Manor College provided a background for all of the things that I am doing right now. It gave me confidence in my academic studies and taught me how to be a leader and take initiative. I gained an important set of social skills distinctive for the United States. So, now I have no problems making new connections every day and building my networks for the future.

What are you plans for the future?

This summer, I am going to Peru for eight weeks with a group of outstanding undergraduate students from all over the world to work with an NGO in Lima to help local communities overcome social issues in the country. As a matter of fact, this opportunity became real because of Kings Education. My Kings advisor, Cassandra Ganzak, provided me a link for the Emzingo Global Impact Fellowship; without her, it would not be possible.

"Kings can help you, not only academically, they will also play an essential role in your overall success in university."

After I graduate from Texas State, I am planning to work for a consulting firm and eventually become an international investor that focuses on innovation and world sustainability.

What advice do you have for students who are thinking about coming to the US?

College is a unique time in everyone's life. You have a choice to spend this time wisely or waste it. My advice is: Do not to take this time for granted. Education is an investment in your future success. When you come to the US, you will have many opportunities to improve yourself, grow as a person, and develop a vast majority of skills essential for your future job. Meanwhile, you will have a lot of temptations around you. The hardest part is to remember your primary reason to be here and to stay focused on education.

To conclude, anyone who is considering getting a degree in the US should be willing to put a significant amount of time in his or her education. If you can do it, you will have the most incredible time in your life, gain many life-long connections and, most importantly, the best education worldwide.