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Offers to study Filmmaking from a range of top universities

25 Jun, 2021
Offers to study Filmmaking from a range of top universities

Art and Design Foundation student Diba has applied to study filmmaking at a range of universities that excel in art and related subjects: UAL, UWE Bristol, University of the Arts Bournemouth, Leeds University and also UCA (University for the Creative Arts), and has received an offer from all of them.

We recently caught up with her to find out more about her plans for the future, and her time with us at Kings Brighton.

Hi Diba. How did Kings help you to gain places at these universities?

They helped me a lot actually.

"I didn’t know about any of the universities here [before I started my course]. I didn’t know which the top universities for Filmmaking in the UK were, so first of all, they helped me to choose the best universities to apply for."

I learned a lot of techniques here too. For example, some animation techniques. I think it’s really important for people who are interested in Filmmaking to know some animation techniques. Also things like storyboarding — I think it’s really important for film makers.

They helped me a lot actually. I’ve been involved in some film projects, but I was just working as a runner and stuff like this. Here we actually did practical activities, so it helped me a lot.

How did Kings help you to prepare your portfolio?

They helped me to make 4 films throughout the year. I think it’s really hard to make movies, but they helped me a lot.

"My teacher was always helping me to put my best work into my portfolio. For example, they told me “for this university, you should include this work”. I think it was because of their help that I got these offers."

Did you have to do an interview for UAL?

Yes, UAL didn’t actually want a portfolio for my course, they just do the interview.

How did Kings help you to prepare for the interview?

They sent me some questions which they said that they would definitely ask in the interview, for example “why filmmaking?”, “why UAL?”. She gave me some of these sample questions so I could practice and get ready for the interview, and it actually went well. I did an interview for Bristol [UWE] as well.

How do you think Kings has helped you to develop as a creative?

They introduced me to many sources.

"I thought that I knew many filmmakers and artists, but my teachers introduced me to a large number of people that I didn’t know before. It was really interesting — I didn’t know any of them, but they were really important people within their careers. I think it’s really important."

This is the correct way — they should introduce sources, and then we can do research about them.

The film industry in Iran is very interesting. How has coming to Kings and living in another country helped you to understand what’s happening in your own country?

It was really interesting that my teachers actually knew some Iranian directors and filmmakers. I was really surprised! In Iran, we have a lot of great filmmakers but the academic atmosphere is not very good, so that’s why I came here. We only have around 2 art schools in Iran.

Do you feel that you would like to return to Iran to work there after you finish your education?

Yes, I think it’s the best way. You should learn how to make movies, and then make movies based on your culture.

After graduating, I will apply for my MA in the UK, and then I will go back to Iran and make movies!

Which area of film are you particularly interested in?

Directing. I have been an assistant director 5 or 6 times in the past so I’m very sure about it and that it’s what I want to do

Below is one of Diba's films, entitled 'Revenue'.

See more of Diba's work on her YouTube channel

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