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25 Nicaraguan students visit Kings Bournemouth

03 Jan, 2023
25 Nicaraguan students visit Kings Bournemouth

Just before Christmas, Kings Bournemouth welcomed a group of 25 Nicaraguan students for 3 weeks of learning and fun activities! Local Content Producer, Amber, fills us in on their stay.

"As part of their stay, the students had an array of educational English lessons. This allowed the students to work on improving their speaking and listening skills. Some of the group had already grasped a great understanding of the language, so it was wonderful to see the progress all the students had made towards the end of their stay. At Kings Bournemouth, we strive to make sure that all our lessons are interactive and engaging for the students. Sometimes the students stepped outside of the classroom and used the skills they had learnt in lessons to engage in conversation with staff and other students. Overall, the students found the lessons interesting, and helpful

Students also took part in activities within the local area. This ranged from ice skating, bowling, and minigolf to watching the world cup and creative art afternoons. The students were very active and they loved getting out and trying new things. The afternoon activities were a great way for the students to explore the local area, practice their English and get involved in the local community.

On the weekends the students went on day trip excursions to key cities in the UK, such as London and Oxford. This gave students the chance to explore new areas of the UK, enjoy some site seeing and the occasional shopping trip. It was lovely to see the student’s excitement, especially about visiting London, as many of them had been looking forward to seeing the capital.

All the staff and students loved having the Nicaraguan students here with us at Kings Bournemouth, we hope they enjoyed their time with us too!"

Feedback from students and staff

"To be at Kings Bournemouth has been an amazing experience for me as a group leader and of course for the students who have been with me. It is a great opportunity to improve your English as well as interacting with students from different countries. Have the chance to develop our language skills by doing different indoor and outdoor activities where you speak English full time. Friendly ‚helpful and knowledgeable staff who makes you feel like you're at home."

"Kings Bournemouth has been a great school for me to continue studying English as my second language, I've learned so many different things that have helped me improve my language skills and vocabulary. During my time here the teachers made our stay become more fun in an interactive way, they were really welcoming and kind. I've met new people from different countries and got to know about their culture and share mine as well. It was fantastic to experience what it was like to be independent, to take care of myself, make good decisions and be responsible for the things I own. Coming here to study was a great decision, the things I experienced here will last forever."

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