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A trip to see the world-famous Yankees

12 May, 2023
A trip to see the world-famous Yankees

On Friday, May 12th staff and students at Kings New York went to see the New York Yankees play the Tampa Bay Rays at the Yankee stadium.

This was a trip that we have been trying to do for a long time because most of our students love sports events, and for many of them this was their first exposure to American baseball.

We had a great time experiencing this together as a group, as we watched the Yankees come back and win the game 6-5! We all reveled in the excitement as the stadium went crazy after every homerun that was scored.

Ned Corona, Kings Center Director, said,

“It was great to experience the Yankee Stadium with our students. This was, for most of them, their first experience not only of watching American baseball, but seeing it live. We had a great time throughout the whole experience.”

Brandon, Student Worker at Kings, commented,

“Like many of the students this was my first time ever at Yankee Stadium. Although I was born and raised in the Bronx, this was something I never got to experience growing up. So, I was very excited to get to experience it with not only my co-workers but also the students as well.”

Mustafa Can Ata, student at Kings New York, added,

“I had a great time. It was nice to experience what it’s like to watch American baseball and to go see a game with my classmates was fun.”