Nathan's Story

Meet Nathan from Belgium! After spending a year at Kings Brighton to study English, Nathan moved to Kings Bournemouth to continue with his studies.

"I liked England and the school so much that I decided to spend another year in the UK, with Kings, but discovering a new city.

I quite like the general open-mindedness of people, the staff and the students in Bournemouth. I would say that in general England is an accepting country, but the international perspective of our school adds to it. I also like the town as it is quiet but not boring, and it is relatively green. I also love the beautiful beach and the sea.

The cultural differences might be one of my favourite things about Kings. They can sometimes be surprising, but what I find the most surprising are the similarities. Although we come from different countries, we are all here to speak a common language and learn about each other. We are all humans and are keen to learn, discover and have fun together. It's enriching and motivating to learn about other people's culture, religion, traditions, food and opinions.

Kings to some extent made me realise what I like in life and what I don’t. Most importantly, it lead me to meet some individuals who taught and shared a lot with me which has made an impact on me.

I guess everyone’s journey is different but I tried more things and have met more people than I could ever have imagined."

Everyone has a story to tell. We want to hear yours! #WhatsYourStory?

Everyone has a story to tell. We want to hear yours!

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