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My time in Boston: friends, family and Fenway...

01 Aug, 2016
My time in Boston: friends, family and Fenway...

We recently caught up with Kings Boston student Federico Visintini to find out about his reasons for learning English and his time with us so far.

Hi Federico. How long have you been at Kings and what course are you taking?
I have been at Kings since April. I took the intensive course. Every day I have two lessons in the morning and one in the afternoon.

What are you enjoying the most about being at Kings?
I like staying at Kings because I have a big opportunity to learn English and know wonderful people from other countries.

I like lessons and the teachers are very good. All lessons pass quickly. Now it's too difficult for me to explain what I prefer at Kings because it's very fun.

Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have specific plans which require English skills?
I decided to take the intensive course because I need to speak English. When I go back to Italy, I want to search for a job but I have to know English. My plans are to arrive at a high level and I'll be able to speak English fluently with friends, parents and American people.

What made you choose Kings over another language school?
In the past I tried another language school, two different times in two different cities. I enjoyed but I was with 20 other Italian guys. I spoke Italian all the time.

Some of my friends tried another language school but they didn't speak well of it. When I saw the plan and the reviews about Kings I didn't take much time to make my choice.

At Kings is different because there are many people, many different cultures to discover. All people know Italian culture, it's easy because we have pasta, pizza, coffee and Rome, but I didn't know anything about Asian or South American cultures.

Had you been to Boston before? What do you like about the city?
Before this experience, I'd never gone to Boston. I like it because it's more European than other American cities. Boston people are very friendly, nice and polite. This reason is important for foreign students because it is not easy to arrive in a new city in a different country.

Where are you staying here? Do you like it?
In this moment I'm in house family but I'm going to move to the dorms in the college. I like my family. They are near school, my bedroom is very comfortable and big. With this family I can improve my English.

Have you done any activities or excursions here, and if so, what has been the highlight?
I have gone to Fenway Park with the school. We have watched a Red Sox game. It was my first time at a baseball stadium and I could see a beautiful atmosphere. It's incredible because I've never seen many people in one place. I could learn American baseball culture and I didn't imagine that before this match. So nice! In the future I'll participate in others activities.

What Special Interest Group are you in and why did you choose it?
In the afternoon I'm in writing class. It's fun. I like the teacher and the classmates. In this class I can improve my writing - we always have writing exercises with an article from magazine. After the teacher checks, corrects mistakes and explains them to you. Sometimes we have the text of one song and we have to listen to music on YouTube and complete blank space. It's a good listening and writing exercise.

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