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My perfect summer time in LA! 我在洛杉磯的的暑假美好時光!

14 Sep, 2018
My perfect summer time in LA! 我在洛杉磯的的暑假美好時光!

Ko Yen-Fu (Diaz), from Taiwan, took the 4-week Vacation Plus Film course at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood) this summer. He tells us what he learned, and the best things to do when living and studying in LA.

What is your name, and where are you from?
My name is Ko, Yen-Fu, nickname is Diaz. I come from Taiwan.

What course did you take and what were your lessons like?
I studied Vacation Plus Film. From the three steps of the most basic film production, and how to tell a good story, then the Hollywood-style script writing, camera operation summary and frame movement as well as how to cooperate with everyone, finally we learn editing.

Why did you decide to take this course?
I like Hollywood films since I was a child. Especially I was inspired by the recent film I watched 'La La Land'. I have lots of pictures of Los Angeles and Hollywood in my mind. How can I miss the course that combines both English and film production?

What made you choose Kings LA?
There is just the right time and the perfect location — Los Angeles Hollywood. Kings LA is very close to 'Hollywood Walk of Fame', only few minutes walk.

Where were you staying?
I stayed at La Mirada and my roommate is from Italy. The room is spacious and there's a kitchen and shower room for two of us to use only. We always cook and share our food. There are lots of gatherings in the residence so it's a good chance to mingle with other students and practice speaking skills. Also, I met someone who want to travel together.

Which activities or excursions did you take part in?
Short Distance: look for Hollywood Star, visit Wax Museum to take photos with favourite super stars, join nearby parties and find nice food of Hollywood.

Middle Distance: watch the baseball game at Dodge Stadium, see the landscape and join the concert at Fermin Lighthouse, go to Santa Monica Beach, Vines Beach, Redondo beach, Hong Beach, Malibu Beach, watch a band performance at the Hillsong Church, visit LACMA, The Getty to appreciate the art exhibition, visit Griffith Observatory to enjoy LA night view and hike to Hollywood Sign.

Long Distance: Las Vegas Old Town shopping trip, New Town shopping trip and free show, drive all day long to the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bay to experience world-class beauty.

Have you made any friends?
Yes, absolutely. When you came here alone, you would push yourself out of your comfort zone, and have more and more friends gradually. My best friend is Jen from Germany. I also have friends from all over the world including Taiwan.

What do you think of the school's location in Hollywood?
I think it's very good and vital attraction for me. It's super fun to join the course that combines both English and film production. I hope that the school will have an advanced course in the future.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?
If you want to learn English, it is best to come alone and immerse yourself in this English speaking environment, and you will definitely improve a lot. Boldly explore this city, there are really a lot of fun things waiting for you.

Then I want to say thank you, Kings! I had so many beautiful memories, and thank you, Ryan, you are a great teacher ever, please have an advanced course in the future, I will absolutely come back.



⼩時候看著好萊塢的電影長⼤,⾄今仍然陪伴著我。⾃從看過⼀部電影『La La Land樂來越愛你』之後,就對洛杉磯與好萊塢充滿憧憬。所以既能學英語,⼜能學電影製作的⼀個課程怎麼能錯過呢!

選擇就讀 Kings 的原因?

我有⼀個好室友,來⾃義⼤利,La Mirada宿舍的空間很⼤不會造成彼此困擾。衛浴與廚房設備⿑全,能夠下廚與⼤家分享⾃⼰國家的美食。晚上在宿舍會有很多的聚會,各國的學⽣都會聚在⼀起聊天,增加更多講英語的機會,還能找到週末⼀起旅⾏的夥伴。

短程:尋找Hollywood Star,蠟像博物館跟喜歡的⼤明星合照,參加附近Party,尋找好萊塢美食。

中程:道奇棒球隊觀賞球賽,Fermin Lighthouse 看風景聽草地⾳樂會,到Santa Monica Beach,Vines Beach,Redondo Beach,Hong Beach,Malibu Beach曬太陽玩⽔,Hillsong教會聽樂團表演,到LACMA,The Getty欣賞藝術展覽,Griffith 天⽂台欣賞LA夜景,健⾏尋找 Hollywood Sign。




給考慮到 Kings LA 就讀的學⽣,你的建議是什麼?
如果想學語⾔,最好⾃⼰⼀個⼈來,把⾃⼰放在這個充滿英語的環境,⼀定會更進步。⼤膽地探索這個城市,真的有非常多好玩的⼈,事,物在等著你。最後我想要謝謝Kings! 我在這裡擁有許多美好回憶,也謝謝電影製作課程老師Ryan,你最是棒的,希望未來學校有提供更進階的課程,我一定會再回來上課的。