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My new life studying Law Foundation in London

18 Oct, 2018
My new life studying Law Foundation in London

Foundation student Tarshini Ganason, from Malaysia, recently started studying the Law Foundation course at Kings London. We asked her about her first impressions, and how she is settling in to living with a host family and studying at Kings.

What course are you studying at Kings?

Currently I'm doing a Foundation in Law, because I wanted to study Law in my degree so I choose this subject.

I'm doing Law, Politics and Human Geography and right now I'm enjoying Human Geography so much — it's interesting, I can learn about the population rate and everything.

How would you describe your experience at Kings London so far?

So far, I love everybody — everybody's very friendly! Even the first day when I arrived here with my parents to London, because it's my first time I didn’t know how to take a tube or anything, everybody guided us from the airport to the hotel.

When I came here, the teachers are friendly, the staffs, everybody is really helpful and I settled down really quickly. Back in my country I thought that it would take three weeks or one month to settle down; it just took me like three or four days, and I'm not feeling homesick.

What would you say are the best aspects of the school?

Teachers! I like my Geography teacher Rob, he's sharp and he knows what he's teaching, and Politics teacher Nick, he's really good, he's always motivating us all the time. Whenever he sees us, he is like, 'Where’s your politics book'! He’s so encouraging.

And Law, I love Sacha. He's knowledgeable, he knows lots of things and knows what he's teaching and he's leading everybody in the right direction. Yes, I have great teachers and I'm enjoying my classes here.

Have you joined any clubs and societies?

Yes! Mondays I have Pilates and Photography, and Tuesdays I have Debating and also Spanish. Thursday I am doing guitar which I haven't started yet. I'm doing a lot of activities! I learnt a few words in Spanish like 'hasta luego', 'como estas', 'hola', 'gracias'... yes it's fun, Lydia is a fun teacher.

Have you made friends?

Yes I've made a lot of friends from all over the world, from Korea, from China, Spain, Belgium, from India... a lot! Everybody's nice. It's people from all over the world, and I'm learning from everybody's culture and language like 'thank you' and 'hi' and 'goodbye'.

Is this the first time you’ve studied with classmates from other countries?

Yes, it's the first time I've studied with international students. It's not difficult, everybody can understand each other and when some people can't understand, you'll try to help them and teach them. It's nice experience, I like this.

During Politics class we can share information about their countries, so we can know what we do in my country is not illegal here and it’s interesting. It's not only law in my country or UK but everybody's country and you have different points of view. Sometimes I have the mindset that this is right and that is wrong — but when I talk to others I can see things differently and I’m like, I shouldn’t be too objective, and I change my view and am more open-minded.

What accommodation have you chosen, and do you like where you live?

Host family, I love them; Lydia, Raymond, their son Ryan, their dog Mia, and the cat Alice. It's 10 minutes from the school and they drove me today. It's very nice of her.

They are really nice and I love their food SO much. They have every kind of food — they cook really well. They cook sometimes Greek, sometimes English food, Chinese food, Indian food, noodles.

Is London how you imagined it would be, and what do you like most about Beckenham?

"I love London! It's more than what I imagined. I never thought that the people would be this down to earth, this humble, this friendly."

When we got to the airport and we asked questions people would explain in full details what we had to do… you feel like home, you are secure and safe because at least there's people guiding you, I didn't expect that!

What I like about Beckenham is that the restaurants are nearby and everything is in your walking distance. You have the NHS clinic nearby and the shops, and you can take a bus to Bromley that's really fast, to the shopping centre.

Other than that, I love the environment in Beckenham. I think it's like home, it's not like a city, not like central London. London has lots of parks — the other day I went with Mia and Linda to Crystal Palace Park. There was a marathon, I think the 6km race, we watched that and it was really nice.

What are you most looking forward to about the next few months?

I think I want to be independent, be a new person in the sense of learn new things, be knowledgeable, and speak better English of course, and speak good Spanish. And make more friends and know everybody's culture, and have much deeper relationships with the host family, get to know them more.

I want to be someone different to when I reached London. I want to grow in many aspects.