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My experience so far at California State University: Fullerton

16 Dec, 2020
My experience so far at California State University: Fullerton

Runze Liu (Freddy) has been studying with Kings in California since 2019. After taking the Go:Prepared program in Los Angeles to improve his English and develop his academic study skills, Freddy is now in his second semester of the Go:100 program at California State University, Fullerton (CUSF).

Although his lessons are currently all taking place online, Freddy decided that he wanted to remain in the US this year and is living near to the CSUF campus. We spoke to him to find out about how this semester has been going so far.

Hi Freddy. Which courses are you taking this semester?

I take Calculus, Accounting, College Writing, Microeconomy and Macroeconomics.

How has your experience of studying online been so far?

Well, I have to say that it was pretty hard to get used it at the beginning. But later I found that both students and professors tried their best to improve the classroom atmosphere and efficiency of online teaching, and I think the key is time. Be able to prepare a schedule of your own courses that you can adapt to as quickly as possible.

Have you felt supported by the Kings team?

Yes, I have. The Kings team give me lots of help, no matter whether it's related to academic study or life.

Have you met with your Kings Progression Advisor yet? What did you discuss?

Yes, I remember it was last month, we were talking about enrolling in the course for Spring 2021. We were also talking about many things like the transfer, GPA or CR/NC system [Satisfactory/Credit/No Credit] over the last few month. Actually, my Advisor, Shawn, he is very professional and he can help me deal with lots of stuff. So probably if I have anything I'm confused about I would like to ask him!

Have you had much interaction with your classmates?

Actually, not so much, especially at this hard time. My social activity is almost paused in this year — I just know a few friends online.

Do you know which subject you would like to Major in? Which universities are you aiming for?

I haven't decided it all yet, But the big direction is Economics or Business. Now I’m interested in International Trade. I think the UC [University of California system] is my wish and I’m working on it.

Through Kings’ partnership with CSU Fullerton, we are able to offer the opportunity to transfer into the University of California System after completing 60 credits at CSUF, over 2 years. There are over 100 majors available at CSU Fullerton across a wide range of subjects including Computer Science, Business, Economics, Engineering and Communications.

Each of our students will start their degree at CSUF with a study plan dependant on their aspirations and abilities. Kings advisors will be there at each step of the way to guarantee progress and success.
Learn more about Kings’ partnership with CSUF here.

Watch a video with Freddy here: