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My experience on the English Plus Business and Leadership course

15 Aug, 2016
My experience on the English Plus Business and Leadership course

Katherine Ramirez Puentes from Colombia shares her reasons for learning English, and her experience so far on the English Plus Business and Leadership program at Kings Boston.

Hi Katherine. Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have specific plans which require English skills?
Absolutely, I work in Advisory Services in the largest professional services firm in the world, with principal Headquarters in the UK and US, so all learning, study cases and frameworks are in English. Also, a lot of international projects demand working with teams from different countries and languages, so English is required for communications. Since I entered the firm I have been climbing, but if I want to keep growing I should overcome barriers and have this communication skill.

What are you enjoying most about being at Kings?
The total immersion in an English environment, in class, with the staff, with other students and in the social activities.

What made you choose Kings?
I liked the value proposal to students around ensuring progress in language learning, focusing on speaking - which in my case is the most difficult skill. Another of Kings’ strengths is that it has a variety of elective classes which you can reinforce or develop on a specific topic, and in the case of Kings Boston you can participate in Entrepreneurship class, which includes specialized vocabulary in relation to the start-up world, case studies and knowing some local business in relation with this topic. This captured my attention because it is related to my expertise and knowledge.

Had you been to Boston before? What do you like about the city?
It is my first time in Boston, I heard that it is a special city and is true! I like the academic and cultural environment, the diversity of students, young, professional and friendly people, and accessibility to everything.

Where are you staying here? Do you like it?
Actually I am living in Newton Corner and I like so much, is a beautiful zone, with big and pretty houses like in the American movies, is calm and nice place.

Have you done any activities or excursions here, and if so, what has been the highlight?
Well, in line with the entrepreneurship class, we went to Design Centre in Boston where The Massachusetts challenge (MC) works. MC has the mission to “Catalyze a startup renaissance”, through training in business aspects, advising entrepreneurs across all industries, and finance support. MC begun in 2010 and in this moment is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. Masschallenge Boston has 830 alumni, has accelerated more of 835 Startups with 8500 new employees.

The visit to MC was very productive because we could understand how the entrepreneurship support works in real life and identify some of the entrepreneurship concepts that we have learned in class. It is easy to learn English when you live the concepts in the real life, and what could be better than learning in the best entrepreneurship support centre in the world?