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Experiencing campus life in Wisconsin

28 Oct, 2020
Experiencing campus life in Wisconsin

Francisco, from Mexico, and Carol, from Indonesia, are currently studying at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities. We recently caught up with them to find out about their experience so far, including how it has been living on campus at this time.

Hi guys. What is your major, and what classes are you currently taking?

Francisco: My major is Mechanical Engineering. I am currently taking Physics - General Physics 192, Chemistry - General Chemistry 105, Math - Calculus || Math 172 and American literature - English 213.

Carol: My major is actuarial science and for Fall 2020 semester, I am taking ECON 201 – Principles of Macroeconomics, ENG 213 – American Literature, ACCT 207 – Essentials of Managerial Accounting, MATH 172, and BIO 104 – Ecosphere in Crisis.

Where do you currently live?

Francisco: I’m currently living at Fox Village Residence.

Carol: I currently live at Fox Village Student Housing.

What is it like living in the dorm in the current situation?

Francisco: I feel it’s safe, and is a good place to live. However there have been some positive cases at the apartment.

Carol: We have to follow proper hygiene by always keeping our hands sanitized, wearing mask every time we going out.

"It is not much different than other semesters, just maybe less people because most of the students are taking online classes back in their home, and not as much activity as how it used to be because of social distancing."

Have you adapted well to school life with social distancing, masks, etc.?

Francisco: I think I have, but sometimes I am on my way to school and I need to go back to the dorms because I forget my mask. Also, I don’t like that with the mask on it’s hard to recognize people and to read their facial expressions.

Carol: I think I adapted quite well to do my activities during this pandemic. For me, I think that feeling safe is mainly our part to play. We have to be able to take care of ourselves, to remember to use masks and stay sanitized, also to avoid crowded places.

Are you glad that you travelled to the US to study in-person, rather than studying online from home?

Francisco: I really prefer to take in person class than online class, for me it's easier to pay attention and easier to follow the class so, I am glad to have travelled to the US to study.

Carol: Yes, I’m glad that I made the decision to study in US in-person rather than studying online back home. Because for me studying online 100% is not as effective. I also think that back home there are far more distractions.

How has your experience of online workshops and classes been?

Francisco: My experiences with online workshops and classes hasn’t been bad but I prefer in person as it’s easier to interact with your classmates and professors.

Carol: My experience of online workshops and classes has been fine, but of course I would prefer to do everything in-person. I think that we have to have our own self commitment especially for succeeding in online classes.