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My experience from Japan to New York | 私の留学: 日本からNYへ

25 Oct, 2019
My experience from Japan to New York | 私の留学: 日本からNYへ

Sara Takagi is a long-term English student from Japan. She shares her highlights of studying at Kings New York.

Hi Sara, can you tell us a bit about your home country?

I am from Japan — I never thought about my home country until I came to New York. Since I came to NY, I saw many differences between America and Japan.

What made you decide to come to Kings and choose the course you are doing?

Last minute decision, visited agency and they introduced me to Kings. I liked the campus and opportunities to be with native speakers.

In your class, what do you enjoy the most? How would you describe your classes?

The diversity in the class is great and very rare. I learned a lot about their cultures.

Where are your classmates from?

Japan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Switzerland and Brazil.

What did you find challenging during your experience living and studying in New York?

Learning English. In the beginning people could not understand me, I wasn’t even able to order a bagel!

Where are you staying?

I am staying in the on-campus dormitory. I like the lounge and socializing there.

Have you participated in any activities after classes?

I went on many trips to the museums and the Mood Fabric store. I went to Manhattan with my friends very often. I also did a volunteer job and distributed food to homeless people.

What is your best memory from your time at Kings New York?

Everything! I became stronger after saying goodbye to so many people. My course is for almost one year so I met a lot of other students who came and left on short-term courses. I have lots of confidence and lots of friends now.

Any advice you would give to future students who are considering studying at Kings New York?

Don’t worry, just enjoy. You might have a tough time in the beginning but you will feel better soon. Enjoy study and New York.

















すべてです! 帰国する友達がいるたびにお別れを言って、だんだん強くなりました。私の留学は約1年ですから、私がいる間に新しい人が来ては帰国する人がいます。おかげで今では本当にたくさんのお友達ができましたし、自信もつきました。