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Learning English in the vibrant city of Brighton — a rich experience

24 Nov, 2021
Learning English in the vibrant city of Brighton — a rich experience

Amelie Bourquin from Switzerland shares some of the highlights of her time studying English and Digital Marketing at Kings Brighton this autumn as part of her gap year.

When I first arrived in Brighton, the casual mood of the city struck me. I don’t know if it was the salted wind coming from the sea, the colourful and tagged buildings or the chatting arising from the people enjoying a cup
of coffee in front of the lovely cafes. I felt like I could do and be anything I want, without fearing the judgements of people. My first day in Kings school strengthened this feeling. Thanks to the colorful walls and the friendly staff, I felt at home right away.

Immediately, they gave me the wifi password and log in to chat and study online. I was surprised because when I was in a language school in Berlin to learn German, it was way less modern and organized. Here, lessons and communication are carried out online, making the courses interesting and efficient. I loved the second lesson of the morning, during which we talked about various subjects and share our personal experience. It permitted me to learn a lot about other countries and I was amazed by the cultural exchange. And it continued after class, during the numerous activities organized by school such as yoga class, ice skating, charity activities and trips on weekends. What I particularly liked about Kings was that they don’t only offer English lessons, but a lot more. Indeed, I had the opportunity to follow business, marketing and social media courses. Using English through specific subjects has made my learning of English more relevant and has prepared me for my future.

I had a great time at Kings Brighton and I met a lot of amazing people. I am grateful for this enriching experience!

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