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My dream of living and learning English in New York

26 Jul, 2019
My dream of living and learning English in New York

Kings New York student Mehmet Emir Evran studied English for four months, and used his new English skills to write about his New York experience — from classes and campus life, to exploring NYC with international friends!

"Hi! My name is Mehmet Emir. I'm 19 years old. I'm from Turkey — I live in Gaziantep, that is located in Southeastern part of Turkey.

I'm improving my English skills because English is the most popular language all over the world and in my business career I want to work at good company with good salary. Learning English is the first and most important requirement to achieve my dreams.

I choose Kings New York, because I always heard good things about Kings — I had known they are reliable and good company — and I choose New York because 'living in New York' and 'Being Yorkers' was my dreams. I stayed in Kings 4 months.

First of all, our teachers are amazing and understanding. I really love all of them. The most fun thing was presentations, because presentation subject is usually about our countries. I always want to learn other cultures and improve my general knowledge. I think the hardest thing was 'role play' because I’m so bad actor! :)

In my first 2 months I stayed in a residence hall, located in the university campus, and I shared my floor with university students. It was good experience for me because I had a chance to speak with native speakers or American guys.

In my last 2 months I stayed in a different residence hall, that is located near to the school, 5 – 6 minutes on foot. It was really good experience as well, because I was spending my whole day with my friends at the residence and it is good way to practice English, because every time you can find someone to speak English. Bathrooms and laundry rooms was always clean. It makes me more comfortable. Thanks from me to our cleaners!

“I can feel my English skills are incredibly improved. Also, I met so precious people here.”

The school located in Bronxville, that is rich and safe area. Here, you can find whatever you want. CVS Pharmacy and other markets 10 – 15 minutes' walk from school.

In Kings there are so many funny activities and trips after lessons. I tried to join all of them but for me the best activity was beach volleyball, because I like all kind of sports games.

If you want to visit famous places in New York City, you can participate in trips which include Statue of Liberty, Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, Chelsea Market — also they have trips to other cities like Washington and Boston.

We usually take train to go to New York. It takes 38 – 40 minutes and train ticket costs $8.75, and it is so simple to go to NYC.

I had lots of good memories during my New York adventure. I think the best memory was visiting Bronx Zoo with Kings. It was my second week and I really had fun at this experience. You should join every activity.

There are students from various countries for example Panama, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, Spain, Mexico, Colombia... You can learn different cultures and you can present your culture and your country. Sharing is the best way to be happy and practice English :)

I can feel my English skills are incredibly improved. Also, I met so precious people here. I will visit their country as soon as possible. This experience makes you more sociable and confident.

If you took language course here, you wouldn't regret. Kings employees are so helpful and kind. If you have any questions or problems you can ask them. They will help you. Come to Kings New York and experience that unique moments!"