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My Digital Media adventure at Kings Brighton

12 Mar, 2018
My Digital Media adventure at Kings Brighton

Capucine Cuirassier, from France, came to Kings Brighton to improve her English through our English Plus Marketing & Digital Media course. She tells us all about enjoying a productive time as a student, and being a Social Media Ambassador for Kings.

I specially came to Kings Brighton for the English Plus Marketing & Digital Media course. This is the only school that offers you the chance to improve your English while studying the evolution of digital media and new technologies.

During my 3 months' course, I learnt a lot of things such as how to manage a social media plan for a company, how to use digital media for a marketing campaign and the way of using new technologies like augmented reality.

However, what I will remember the most is the video we made to promote the Business & Digital Media course. To tell the truth, at the beginning it was a simple idea that we really wanted to carry out for the Kings Brighton Facebook page. In the end, it became bigger and bigger to the point that the Head of Digital Production, the Kings Education central marketing unit, and the Directors wanted to support us. The objectives were to show and explain for future students what the course is about. That was an amazing experience that I enjoyed and felt a great sense of achievement, supported by our teacher Liz and the Kings team. Thanks to them, it was a great success and we learnt lot of useful skills.

As a communication officer in France, all of these have helped me to understand the digital aspects of my job. I also had the opportunity to become a Social Media Ambassador for Kings Brighton for different assignments such as managing the Facebook page and Instagram account, finding new ideas for recording life at Kings Brighton and encouraging students to engage with Kings social media. It was interesting and helpful to put into practise what I have learnt.

Outside the classroom, I really enjoyed my life in Brighton in taking part in school activities such as yoga and walking/hiking around the city. The proximity with the sea was also enjoyable for getting fresh air and lazing on the beach, even during the winter. There are so many things to do, discover and see, like the huge amount of street art or the fascinating independent shops. For the alternative culture lovers, Brighton is the place to be!

Watch the video that Capucine and classmate Landy made as part of the Business and Digital Media course:

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